Talk about the role of the website ranking

second: spread an article written on my blog, reading will soon encounter a problem, because my blog traffic is limited, my friend QQ is limited. So this time, I’m going to contribute. Let others to read my article, so, I will put the Ping to love Shanghai and then to the A5 submission to all local traffic contributions, attracted to reading. Some people will say, A5 users to read, is the contribution to A5 flow. Here, I would like to solemnly say, yes, is the contribution to A5 traffic, but I also harvest the amount of reading ah! Do I write an article on the A5, it is no longer I wrote? Some people would say, search for articles, A5 row in front of my blog! What I don’t A5 relationship? And competing for the same.

this morning on a whim, checked the blog ranking, surprised to find that [Xiamen] [Xiamen Shanghai Shanghai dragon and dragon blog] have ranking. Although there is little surprise, but I’m not surprised, because the blog for a month, the website traffic, the number of articles, the bounce rate can be quantified data are moving in the right direction, ranking is a natural thing. On this point, you can Shanghai Longfeng and quantifiable factors of reading before I write ".

An article in

value, I think the three main points: be read by communication and comments. The first point: by reading: writing out, is to be read, it is easy to understand, love Shanghai certainly knows it. Many people love that user experience, indeed, love Shanghai to rank an article are judged based on the user experience, this is love the latest Shanghai algorithm and different places. But an article is read only, love Shanghai in order to determine the quality of the user experience. Why? The reason is very simple: love Shanghai again how smart, he is just a program, he can only recognize this article is not the accumulation of words, there is no garbage outside the chain, what is the theme of this article. As this article is good, sorry, he did not know. Because of the good, is a very subjective problem, such as the same word, in different paragraphs, read the user experience is completely different, such as pictures, on the left or right, the user experience can fly. I love Shanghai only according to the user’s browsing behavior to judge this article of the user experience, such as you open the closed quickly, this can explain your article is not attractive to users; for example, the user not only, also shows the page, or good. So, write the article is not finished, but also need to promote, attract others, which is also called drainage.

so, I don’t have to do outside the chain, in addition to several Links, I have done the chain. Do more harmful, because love is likely to be Shanghai that is outside the chain of cheating. Therefore, I think, to move up the ranks due to the site data, the most obvious is my article. Today, I will talk about the article is how to promote the rankings.


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