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Summary and Countermeasures on the recent adjustment characteristics included love Shanghai

as Chinese search engine leader, love Shanghai has been constantly adjusted to the algorithm, thus lead to the site included often change, let our individual owners are often difficult to fit in. Huge traffic and love Shanghai itself can bring to the site, and we have to always pay attention to and study it with any slight change algorithm, which can be targeted to deal with, do website targeted optimization, improve the site rankings. And in the near future, love Shanghai and ranking situation has undergone some frequent adjustments, behind these adjustments not only for different site weight and included the increase or decrease, but also reflects the direction of adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm constantly, clear the direction, it can make us more easy to find according to the optimization method of the work site of the Shanghai dragon optimization. According to a recent period of time I in the website optimization process for the love of Shanghai observation and practice, write down some harvest this time to share with you, hope to improve the level of Shanghai dragon.

strengthen the dependence on high weight website, strengthen the inspection of the new website. At the same time for me in the old and new stations do, recently appeared in Shanghai to receive love "attitude" on the issue of some different strengthening, with the old station for more than two years of age, and weight has been in the long period of time. To get the trust and favor love Shanghai, for the old station with high weight the love of Shanghai gave more dependent and favored in the content distribution, basic can keep close to the "seckill" to link changes and of the website to sell the link, but also love Shanghai can be spared, and did not give punitive measures, of course, this also is the conditions for the establishment of the website content to maintain the original update. As for the new online website, love >

has a certain amount of search to strengthen the content of the "second". For the webmaster, we all want our station can get the search engine of the "second" treatment, and as the search leader Chinese love Shanghai, in the second it has been reformed, neither like a noble baby for the content of that capture and release is very fast, but not completely stop the content on the site "seconds". Recently, I love Shanghai from time to time seckill site content, but through the summary and analysis, after some content collection released in seconds will continue, and there are some content in put out again after recovery, is no longer displayed in search results, after the comparison I found was withdrawn the contents of two kinds: one is the existence of the excessive number of the contents of the current search results, that is to say too much and repeat, another is too little, keywords too upset, lack of certain amount of search. To keep and have included two features released state: low repetition rate, strong originality; a certain amount of search, associated with popular keywords, such content is search engine needed, because it requires users in search of some key words to provide the latest and most relevant the contents of.


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