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Rongchao Shanghai dragon ER you choose to continue to do the project or service


This article from the

is not good, stable at around 1000. We have a day of 200IP (not including the long tail, pay attention to Oh, a baby named the key software) of which 100 IP is soy sauce, in 50 IP is thought free, 20 IP feel expensive. Finally, we left 30 IP, change one day

In figure is how much money?

we focus on several important places, 1, 2, 30 of the sales price, we see a $38 software, a month sold 2028, sold a 38 dollars a month to sell 2028, last month’s income is 77064. and this software the cost is high? Even shout a person to write about cost is not too high. So if we take the software of their own making an independent website, and then take out the sales, do long tail keywords and several important keywords. We take a look at the baby named " " software; the words in love in Shanghai are as follows:

before I chat with a friend when he asked me: you do not do their own why Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon? Indeed, I have been doing optimization to help others, to help others do their service, never had their own services, but also because the wing is always it caused himself more and more confused. Then I look at the network on some projects, feeling really good, then I went for Words alone are no proof., for everyone to see.

indeed, the dream is always beautiful, don’t look at me very well, in fact, it is still very difficult, and we may expect not a look, do so in the project when you still have to be careful and careful, remember: no matter what can three that do a good heart, a little, you can send a big money.


index chart

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had seen red Tao wrote that if Shanghai Longfeng team transformation will also consider the orders it is very touching. Indeed, with more and more domestic training of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon become more and more popular, as long as their own learning, one to three months, you can also become a Shanghai dragon ER, then it is so many Shanghai dragon ER broke the Shanghai dragon market calm, let Shanghai Longfeng services become more cheap, technology at the same time, love Shanghai more elusive, from Shanghai dragon more and more difficult.


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