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Set the correct anchor text steadily improve website weight

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on our website at least 3 keywords, in order to enhance the ranking of these keywords, we must put the anchor text to do apart. Don’t just do a keyword anchor text, we put all other keywords into the anchor text, thus avoiding the anchor text of the monotonous, and enhance the weight of the website. In a spot site as an example, try to avoid the use of anchor text so freckle, but mixed use "freckle tips", "freckle recipe", "freckle knowledge" synonym. 4. anchor text publishing location must be diversity

2. the length of the anchor text must control

webmaster do stand all day, weight about your website, not only has the weight, they have a sense of accomplishment, can bring a lot of money for their own benefit. As we all know, the weight of the train, there is a direct relationship between the chain and the anchor text, as long as you grasp the correct methods of anchor text, then your website weights will be sent and do not pick up. So, the correct approach the anchor text is what kind of? Today and share with you:

website weight is the webmaster has been the topic of discussion, we must deeply learn, practice, in order to truly understand, if you do together, not only increase the weight and useless, fix will reduce the trust of search engine. So, "

generally, the anchor text should not be too long, should be based on your keywords, general keywords no long, is very simple. Generally speaking, the anchor text is a keyword, up to 2 words, the effect is not so good. Don’t imagine a website all the anchor text contains your keywords, we should put the main website here keywords, not eyebrows beard grabbed, seize the key, is equal to half the success.

The diversity of

3. anchor text

1. anchor text keywords set

outside the chain of the most attention is the diversity of product quality certification, like now, you only have a certification, not representative of your product is good, on the contrary, if there are a number of certification, certainly more than a more reliable authentication. We do the anchor text of the chain is, for example, I often go to A5, if my anchor text are posted in the A5, then, my website promotion weight will not be great, we want to cast a wide net, fishing. Go to your site and other places with strong correlation between the anchor text, in order to maximize the overall weight of your site.

to do the "acne tips", I have to precise positioning to the word, not doping irrelevant content or words. Just like your text in a place like a acne article, then you can leave at the end of an anchor text: Acne tips. Don’t write: more acne tips. We are not superfluous, in order to highlight the "acne tips" in front of or behind do not add any modifiers.


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