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Chest prolapse should be how to do Sagging breasts can recover ‘s health network

women can reflect the most beautiful place is proud of Shuangfeng, many women with age or with the birth of the baby began to appear some even breast ptosis, deformation, sexy figure. The beautiful curve of female body to sagging breasts, which makes many women miserable, many women want to know breast ptosis should do? Small series today to give you an analysis of sagging breasts can recover.

chest prolapse should be how to do? Chest sagging can recover

some female friends due to various reasons, there will be symptoms of sagging breasts, many people ignore the symptoms ignored, in fact, this is very dangerous. The risk of breast ptosis is relatively large.

psychologically, in modern society, with the concept of open, breast beauty consciousness, people gradually think plump and normal breast position is a unique symbol of female beauty, and is also an important symbol of the charm of women, once the chest sagging should do women, morbid psychological inferiority ashamed for this order will affect the normal family life and social work.

physiologically, of medium size with the breast, there may be some degree of discomfort, his breast is not adequate, the appearance of breast asymmetry can occur, even if the dress code, it is difficult to cover up its sagging performance; large drooping breast breast, because of the effects of gravity, there may be some symptoms of breast disease, such as chest, neck and shoulder, back pain, fatigue, soreness, and caused a lot of difficulties to the women’s dress. Chest sagging should be how to do? How can we effectively restore?

chest sagging should be how to do – sports make the chest more straight

breast tissue is not muscle, not through exercise to increase, but the exercise can enhance the breast below the chest, chest developed can make breast more prominent, can increase breast elasticity. Chest sagging exercise recovery method:

1, kneeling on the ground, hips and thighs pressed on the lower legs, hands relaxed, resting on the thigh.

2, will slowly lift up behind, arms straight back, try to reach the heel, touch the heel with the palm of your hand.

3, hands cross grip, so that the arms behind the lift, and try to lift to the top of the head, so that the upper body down to the ground pressure down, so that the chest touches the knee.

chest prolapse should be how to do? Chest sagging can recover

this small action can improve the chest tissue, chest tight and gradually restore stand. Exercise breasts need endurance, because this is not a day two days can bear fruit, sometimes need to spend months or even years. Keep in mind that excessive exercise or exercise, when you do not pay attention to underwear may hurt the breasts, sagging breasts will be more severe prolapse of the chest will be smaller and smaller. The above content only authorized the exclusive use of 39 Health Network, not authorized by the copyright is not reproduced.


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