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The love of Shanghai included abnormal causes and Countermeasures

, eliminate the cause of the site itself. So many people in the station are affected, can not be the cause of the site itself.

found from this post, in fact, love Shanghai as early as 24 included chaos had been found before, because we site confusion, others will be "site to your site. Shanghai is trying to solve the problem of love. The solution to this problem is to delete the wrong records, delete after that makes some websites included reduced; but this time with Google update PR, love Shanghai program will also follow the update, which leads to more confusion, only now the situation get out of hand.

due to problems like Shanghai servers, may lead to a large number of records are deleted. Then love Shanghai in order to cater to the webmaster, must restore the number included, which makes love Shanghai before the next climb back desperately web content to supplement the webmaster delete >

June 27th is a special day for the webmaster, on this day, Google PR update, some people worry about joy; love is also on this day, Shanghai had a most exhausting There was no parallel in history., your website is abnormal, the cup is the most web site included reducing, let the webmaster be taken by surprise, extremely depressed. What is the cause of the abnormal love Shanghai included? Here together with the Hainan Shanghai dragon together analysis.

four, love Shanghai server problems. This is the real reason. Since the website in love Shanghai reduced after I have been looking for reasons, finally Lee posts were found in Shanghai love club owners, you can check the 贵族宝贝tieba.baidu贵族宝贝/club/9374916/p/14372646

in the face of such problems, how to deal with the US as a webmaster? Here are some of my.

three, affected by PR. This is definitely a reason. Do stand for a long time friend may find each PR big update is in love with the sea day update. In general, PR will affect the number of sites in Shanghai and love the rankings, but not too much. So, how much the impact of the accident by PR, this can’t be wrong.

two, excluding many people love Shanghai public speculation. We may have found that although the display number included only dozens, but the long tail keywords you or bring you flow, isn’t it? And you can at the time of search found that site didn’t see "can be found; the other one is ranked, everyone almost no big change. If love is the Shanghai public relations, generally we will increase included, the love of Shanghai related page ranking is reduced, this will let the webmaster love love Shanghai and not to Google. So, love can’t be included Shanghai greatly reduced the PR effect.


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