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Two ways to help you with love in Shanghai, the successful expansion of the key word

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according to the literal meaning, we need to summarize the key words of "subtraction", but what kind of vocabulary is to be lost?

if you have some understanding of the love of Shanghai, then you will know love Shanghai drop-down box contains 80% words of user demand, which means that most users will search to the vocabulary will be reflected in the love of Shanghai in the drop-down box; and the remaining 20% of the demand will be reflected through the "search" to be, so if you webmaster friends can expand their lexicon from the two aspects, so in the optimization of Shanghai will do a lot of good love oh

extended way is in fact a lot, in addition to use some tools to achieve, we can also bring out the specific background through statistical analysis of the flow of words, these words are really can bring traffic, so this part of the search keywords seem to spend some time, but the effects are not to be underestimated. In addition to these tools, statistical background, Xiaobian want to say today is also a pure manual and mental expansion mode, that is to use the love Shanghai search, take special way to help webmasters increase key thesaurus

Hefei talent network

review: if you want to optimize the success of a website is essential to its own key thesaurus, and is certainly not love Shanghai has included the thesaurus, but you er to Shanghai dragon editors more objective writing content, and the expansion of the site keywords library! Of course, this is a mature optimization practitioners need to establish but, we are using what method to extend it to


to give you a better understanding of these two methods, Xiaobian take the actual case! Such as Hefei talent network, Xiaobian want to expand keywords and the related vocabulary, the first we need to love Shanghai to enter it in the search box, then you will find the relevant words as shown below the pull box in this time, we can be Ctrl+V into Notepad; the next thing to do is to the bottom of the page "search" Related words are added to the Notepad; then come, please pay attention to



has been engaged in a period of optimization webmaster, certainly has its own set of extending keywords, such as the judge, through the love of Shanghai index collection keywords can add storage, some popular vocabulary is easily judged by the love of Shanghai index; noble baby keyword tool is also a commonly used extended auxiliary way most practitioners extended a lot of keywords for the site by the tool, but also save a lot of time, so in the optimization work in Hefei talent network Xiaobian will also use the two ways to increase the word library.

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