On the profit model of Shanghai Dragon

4, technical cooperation mode. This model and on a new level, because this model is set in front of three modes. Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel in technology shares cooperation, provide their own technology, human resources and people don’t go to the company in charge of Shanghai Longfeng, even in responsible for the overall network operators. This model is suitable for the starting period, the Internet and e-commerce enterprises. Shanghai dragon can quickly enhance the speed of the development of enterprises, enterprises can even decide life and death, not.

3, enterprise optimization consultant. This pattern is between work and cooperation. More freedom than to the enterprise to work, and more enjoyable than cooperation. The enterprise is generally understand certain Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization, but not very profound place, so we need to ask for help. Please if a single person operation, will increase the cost, so please a consultant can use the minimum cost and can quickly improve the ranking. However, many people love Shanghai Longfeng optimization of this mode of cooperation, because they do not take time, and can use their spare time to provide services for the enterprise, but also gain.

two, personal webmaster. Individual stationmaster is relatively common, but also need a lot of knowledge, and need a certain Shanghai dragon technology. There are many personal webmaster who expert, such as Li Xingping, Cai Wensheng, Hua Jun. The website is done, the flow.

by several methods of Shanghai dragon money

many friends to learn Shanghai dragon’s purpose is not the same, but also to hobbies, learning is to work, but there are many individual owners, there are many novice webmaster. So how should learn Shanghai dragon to achieve profitability?

, Shanghai dragon orders. With the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon is recognized by more and more enterprises, but also for enterprises to do the only way which must be passed of network promotion, so we can provide special services or individual enterprises in Shanghai dragon optimization. But this premise, you must learn and learn the fine Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, so you can get a lot of enterprises and peer recognition. Then Shanghai dragon orders service and several operation mode.

1 working mode. This model is relatively simple, because you need to go directly to the Shanghai dragon company. The rapid rise of Shanghai dragon caused a lot of gaps in the market, so many companies in the recruitment of Shanghai Longfeng specialist, Shanghai dragon charge etc.. Shanghai dragon in the Second City Commissioner General 2000-3000 salary, and in a big city is more than 3000. Shanghai dragon head is higher.

2, cooperation mode. Mode of cooperation is Shanghai Longfeng researchers in the optimization for enterprise to improve the ranking, to complete the transaction with a certain percentage. But this mode is suitable for the more difficult, and relatively high profit industries. In this case, the enterprise should not of Shanghai dragon is not familiar with, do not know the recruitment of personnel optimization, there is a relatively large degree of difficulty, optimization of ordinary people do not go up, so to find a stranger to cooperate.