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Learn how to earn $LEAD beginnerChinese Canadian blog updated daily 2 hours a monthly income of $30

doesn’t take much time, but Zhou Jialiang’s blog keeps up to 3 or 4 articles a day. The trick, he says, is to use time stamps, that is, writing a lot of articles at once, and then setting the time when these articles are published, and then the articles will automatically appear on the blog.

2, the task card, that is some categories of tasks to privacy information, such as some loans, some of the tasks of education and insurance, need real credit card information, it would need to use the task card, a card in the sale of the task in this industry, buy on the line, probably is more than 10 yuan Zhang, after the need you can find me, I introduced you to buy.

new entrants, the first step, you need to understand the basic operation of the LEAD process, that is, how do we make profits through advertising alliances?. The details can be understood and understood step by step, but you should at least know what to do next. Because it is foreign, you have a English station, you can go to apply for advertising promotion, after the successful applicants will receive the ad code in the league website background, the ad code on your web site, visitors open after this ad and the commercial registration, then you will have to show the Commission, the Commission will be applied in your league background. The General Union is monthly, half week paid or paid. For example, the month alliance, you do the minimum payment in January January, the money will be paid on March 1st.


‘s latest news about shlf1314’s re collection of JohnChowdotcom has made the famous blogger, money making expert JohnChow, back in view again.

Although the

1, free of charge, that is, you can easily complete the boot process without spending money.

what is your name EMU? In your web site traffic is zero, a visitor has no conditions, to simulate real users to complete the whole process of the above said, access to the commission. In general, is to do some advertising can you test a commission, then you can brush flow, a lot to do these ads, then your money will also increase the number, but also remember what is not overdo sth.. When you have a thorough understanding of the process, the development is only in your own ability and expertise, to find the most suitable for their own offer category, do more big.

I am now mainly leading the team in the work of foreign CPC, CPS and CPA. Here to share with you to make foreign LEAD money to make this project, how should the novice to learn and bigger,

Hello, I think this is Sanyou, with a self introduction, but from a novice to have their own way to make money today, during the period of bitterness is not at once finished, so the experience here is not wordy.

analysts agreed that Zhou Jialiang had set a good theme for his blog. As he writes in his book, the blog theme is an important factor in attracting readers. In his case, before, his blog, like most personal blogs, was so complex that it didn’t make money at all. But the theme of the Wangzhuan, through his readers can share and optimize the experience of the blog, attract a large number of readers.

Zhou Jialiang also put some blog to sort out a free ebook, the title is called "together with JohnChow wangzhuan". The book also became a sign of his blog. You can download this book free of charge as long as you register on his website. This book also further enhance his reputation in the community of network bo.

visibility started after Zhou Jialiang began to earn advertising fees by selling text links and toll comments to his blog income soared from less than $3000 in December 2006 to nearly $13 thousand in January 2007. With the increase in traffic and the continued expansion of ways to earn money, it has now achieved a steady income of more than $30 thousand a month.

JohnChow, formerly known as Zhou Jialiang, is native to Guangdong, Panyu, China, and immigrated to Canada at the age of 12. He is currently residing in Vancouver. Prior to contacting the network, he started a partnership with a printer. In December 2005, Zhou Jialiang launched a personal blog called JohnChowdotcom. His new blog comes from a home page that has been in existence for over 5 years. Early blog content with IT comments and personal life, in 2006 he began to blog theme transferred to how to make money on the web, referred to as "higher", the result was a big success, becoming the world’s most famous one of the main blog. His blog now brings in more than $30 thousand a month.

EMU operating practices are generally divided into free, task cards, there are three kinds of difference.

blog to make money very loud, but Zhou Jialiang did not spend too much time on the blog. He spends every night updating his blog, and it only takes about 2 hours each time.

through his blog $30 thousand monthly story is well known, and even many experts began to analyze his success.

3, the difference, that is, some tasks need to pay, for example, advertising promotion price is 50 knives, but you want to promote the people inside there are >

what is LEAD? What is EMU? I know a lot about people who know it, but let’s talk about new people who don’t understand it at all. What is LEAD? Literally means to guide, guide others to sign up for your ad, LEAD and CPA do in fact is a model.


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