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Malicious complaints will be temporarily deleted love Shanghai snapshot snapshot

snapshot complaints will be found, the website snapshot appears deleted, as shown in figure

love Shanghai snapshot is a temporary cache love Shanghai generation, he can bring convenience for users to browse the web, when the server is not good or bad network, can browse the content by clicking on the love of Shanghai. At the same time, one of the reference index of website quality love Shanghai snapshot time is Shanghai dragon optimization, general snapshot of the daily updated website shows that the relatively good condition, on the contrary, if the long-term snapshot does not update the site, perhaps there are some problems.

for a web site quality, love Shanghai can not judge, through the user’s behavior will be able to distinguish, but it takes a long time to a little, good website will be recognized by the user.




the reason is very simple, is that these sites have too many complaints, love Shanghai in order to avoid too many unnecessary trouble, can only temporarily remove these website snapshot, especially some relatively strong competition sites, search for the words "Shanghai dragon training", are engaged in training do not avoid peer the competition between each other, so these institutions complain each other, cause most of the home training website snapshot delete.

because of too many malicious complaints snapshot, love Shanghai now for those sites really poor quality (refers to the content of the poor can not see, but the station piled serious, ranking good site) is "completely indifferent", perhaps love Shanghai for snapshot complaints this also strengthened the management, after all, malicious complaints bring disaster to many innocent sites. The first one or two months of two complaints to a website, but love feedback information in Shanghai is still a "figure in process":


snapshot complaints can help solve their own problems, and for competitors, in fact, is also a good handle, malicious complaints website has become a kind of method against competitors, some website because competitors malicious by love to punish Shanghai, but good website can always talent shows itself. Love Shanghai face the webmaster "wrong", can only take certain measures.

snapshot complaints can delete some unwanted pages and update the content of the website, many websites the content above we have been removed, but because the love Shanghai cache update is slow, and some even take a long time to disappear, the snapshot complaints can be a very good solution to these two problems; also found by Shanghai Dragon Er snapshot complaints could make love Shanghai snapshot update, complaints can occur after a snapshot of the day; but the snapshot update, we find this page for a long time will not update the snapshot, so the opinion is not a good method to resolve the complaint snapshot page snapshot update, only from their own websites themselves, it is the only solution channel.


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