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Keywords density puzzle to improve keyword density success skills

visible region is the sensitive area, such as a web site on the local title if you can add keywords, and must be through a keyword, then in the description of the website you can put all the key points about these words are determined, it can be caused by a multiplier effect in the search, after all, the header can change the best area of the keyword density, don’t repeat a single keyword, it will only bring negative effect.

, a prominent area determining keywords

The density of

in addition to the above, another way is through the station image method, web pictures can add ALT tags, these tags will also have the keywords, to increase keyword density can get very good help, now go to the query site information, many tools will be displayed in the picture there are no words, I think if the site key words in the picture can be increased, so the weight of the website is to a certain extent improve.

four, underestimated the work efficiency

, simply means that a substance does not change with the change in mass and volume, a characteristic change with the change of state, use the word in the keyword of the website, the website is also a kind of learning how to increase a method of defining the website keyword density, website keywords and can not explain how much the quality of the website is a good website, only the keyword density change can reflect the website ranking status will be affected, now with a small share of my friends how to let website can increase the maximum degree of key word density are under study.

people rely on clothing makeup, surface of a website is not through the appearance to enhance their flashy without substance value, but to enrich the target keywords in the website home page, let keyword density in a high state, should follow the basic reasonable section reasonable words, according to the reasonable layout of visitors browsing habits, so as not to make key words stereotyped, it is in vain, browsing your site was decreasing. Believe that do the long tail word this website can also attract visitors. One.

Links is essential for the section of each site, keyword density changes can make the ranking upside down, so with the Links power will not be able to sniff at it, after all, is the role of the web site keywords between friends should not be underestimated. It is very necessary to increase the method of keyword density, of course when do Links should also note that the correlation between keywords and the website itself, not because the density of lost website should have correlation.

by some to share with you the experience, it is not difficult to find the keyword density increase in the site’s ranking is a problem that can not be ignored, everyone in the.

three, with Links power demand

, a two page text keyword rich



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