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Shanghai Longfeng addition basic method and super execution equals success


chain is not let you do was one or two days, otherwise the K station, the chain is specific to do. Some owners insist to write text, to release to high quality platform to promote their own websites, so his chain is the steady growth, ranking will increase steadily. So find a trusted method, a suitable method for a large number of Shanghai dragon, hard to do, the rest is up to the search engine.

Shanghai dragon is the means, don’t look up, don’t underestimate, vigorously method, identify your execution, if you pay more than the opponent, then you will harvest more than the match. >

for the chain

often see some senior posts, always benefited. Get the Shanghai Longfeng a core idea is the basic method and then add vigorously carry out from it, I call the Shanghai dragon addition principle. Shanghai Longfeng rely on technology, also depends on thinking, but eventually put into execution. Like war, only the general and chief of staff, no soldier is not feasible. Today I come from four aspects and everybody on one or two, see Shanghai Longfeng need execution in the end how strong.



do the best and most effective flow of personal website is get keywords ranking by Shanghai dragon, if Shanghai dragon through a website is long, slow effect. And some of the station, but different from the traditional station group, his purpose is single product sales, so do the 1400 sites, each site optimization of 2 long tail keywords, long tail keywords to flow is the directional flow, the station each day about 5IP, then the total cumulative monthly income is about 6000IP, easily tens of thousands. Of course we do not advocate to do this, but said his execution is good enough, enough for us to learn

!For the promotion of

collection is the foundation, many webmaster hope their site has very good included, then how to do it, the answer is to make the long tail, included. Find the key point of the blasting, such as B2C mall, different commodity parameters, types, size, price, origin, materials and activities can be the combination of growth and tail, it was just to do, at least 300 thousand collocation long tail, and reasonable planning to the site, the next station traffic doubled, net income doubled. This is hard to do the most simple example.



promotion is in order to get traffic, this paper summarized to narrow sense within the scope of Shanghai dragon. Promotion is sometimes physical work, especially pure manual promotion, need to "zoujiechuanhang". There is a webmaster to promote his blog to visits other blogs, such as blogs of their own into return flow, he visited a large blog, about more than 10 thousand words, the end of his blog also received a good return flow. This is in fact the superior execution results, although it is physical, but as long as you spread out the blog, is a success.


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