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health network long time holding back to after the uterus

sedentary office workers, are often busy with work and even the toilet are not going to go up, I feel that I will not tolerate a physical injury, so it will not be particularly concerned about. If women hold long time will affect the health of uterus, and even lead to infertility.

because of female internal genital organs and bladder "cohabitation" in the pelvic cavity, close relationship, the uterus bladder behind, holding back the bladder filling, filling the bladder will oppress the uterus, the uterus tilted backwards. Bieniao caused by uterine retroversion is divided into three degrees, if the bladder pressure retroversion of the uterus reach two degrees, will impede blood flow, this may lead to serious symptoms of dysmenorrhea; if the uterus three degree tilt, because it will be in front of the uterus sacral nerve compression, uterine body if the "oppressed squeeze" to the sacrum in front of the plexus, can cause pain in the waist, causing pain during intercourse, serious will cause infertility.

if the hold time is too long, the bladder nerve endings by tension to paralysis, loss of urination, caused by bladder neck obstruction, dysuria, leakage of urine, urinary incontinence and other symptoms, cause more trouble. So, after you hold up the urine for a period of time, in addition to the bladder emptying as soon as possible, the best way is to add a lot of water, forcing yourself to solve several urine. This has the role of flushing for the bladder, can avoid the proliferation of bacteria in the bladder.

in addition, foreign research data shows that the incidence of urination and the rate of bladder cancer is closely related to urination less risk of bladder cancer is greater, because the urine increases the duration of carcinogenic substances in the urine of the bladder. Recently the United States scientists report, there is a possibility very accustomed to future risk of bladder cancer is higher than the average 3 to 5 times.


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