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Talk about the user experience from the CnBeta website link

Digg style, a symbol of a blog blog users one by one breath, browsing, easy to read, to CnBeta people have been accustomed to RSS type reading, portal type reform like this, even if you re classification will make readers everything in good order and well arranged, feel the framework of confusion, can not see the real focus. Could not find the subject.

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2, changes to the framework is too big, not easy to accept

Tastes differ all tastes. every reform, there is a certain risk, most worried about is the revision of certain users have been accustomed to simple BLOG style the old version of the user who can really accept the change of CnBeta? From the user experience, obviously not, at least I (Qu Zilong) think so! The specific analysis is as follows:

portal technology are used in most small fresh color style, with light coloured warm color way! And from the new version of the CnBeta I saw eyeful of 90s local flavor, the color line, let me look very uncomfortable.

reason too

when the portal technology have turned to technology blog this face, has been committed to the blog display mode cnBeta website finally made its own change, some people say that CnBeta is a relic of the last Digg style, in the face of Japan in recent months, the new pattern of the Internet, CnBeta ultimately failed to hold their own style, just today CnBeta in portal frame stand back! If each revision is a huge leap, apparently CnBeta this must made the biggest reform in ten years.

subversive reformThe traditional

1, website color matching is not new

CnBeta is a science and Technology Review portal, started to report the news for the purpose of the CnBeta has made no predictable revision, which obviously showed a deficiency of CnBeta in public relations, some people say CnBeta is a collection of family Tucao, such a move is clearly to be Tucao family million people united as one man. Tucao for a period of time.

is not here, Qu Zilong issued a personal idea, we expect and hope to find the first CnBeta, or this revision, is absolutely to his grave, we used the technology blog, really not willing to accept an invisible portal, obviously, the new version of CnBeta has not seen the news key

3, unpredictable changes, become more users to accept

! The recent revision of the


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