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Seize the love Shanghai website note points, reduce weight loss website

3. love Shanghai website and timely use of tools and submit the relevant data, is an important way to make the weight reduction.

love Shanghai in July 25, 2013 issued a website "note" article, especially put forward since the launch of Webmaster Platform website tools since the love of Shanghai were analyzed from large amounts of data, found a lot of problems are worth to pay attention to the webmaster of the matters.

in fact, in practical work, the website is often inevitable, then, how do we reduce the weight loss caused by the website. With the love Shanghai issued notes and the author’s experience, put forward the following 5 points by reducing the website weight loss caused by the suggestions for your reference.


4. remember love Shanghai website and timely use of tools and submit the relevant data, the rational use of tools to reduce the weight loss of love Shanghai website, website management using free tools to understand love Shanghai as the webmaster for our website service.

1. website design to consider comprehensive, solid foundation for the long-term stable version.

short, the webmaster should remember: as far as possible not to redesign the site, the website will cause weight loss. Due to the need for revision, do the following 3 points:

2. after the revision, remember to keep the old ". The old page is used to set the 301 jump, the old version to the new version of the weight transfer. Not that old useless, eager to remove the old version of the page, causing unnecessary losses.

1. to identify good domain name, two domains and two directories, and then carry out the revision, to avoid frequent changes to the contents of the objective.

2. after the revision, to keep the old version, set 301 jump to the new version in the old version of the weight transfer.

also believe that from the experience of all the webmaster also realized a law: the website will cause site is down right. In this paper the love released in Shanghai, but also to remind this point.

specific precautions as shown below:

is the webmaster to do this 3 of the content, the website will reduce the loss brought by weight. This paper talked about here, there are different views or deficiencies, welcome. Thank you

3. set of old and new "301 jump, this is after the revision method can reduce the important website weight loss. The old and new "between the 301 jump to grab, maintain for a period of time until the new page collection and sorting to achieve a relatively stable and in good condition.

5. every time the website or before the revision, according to their business development needs, as far as possible to consider a more comprehensive and long-term, avoid revision happened in the future. If not necessary, don’t be a revision of the website, because the revision will cause website weight loss.


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