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The breakdown characteristics of website search engine unfriendly, you shot it (under)

search engine optimization is the high quality of the chain. The so-called high quality, I think many of my friends understand certainly better than I understand more deeply, so the author in this not a story. In addition to the chain, we should also pay attention to the number of friends of the chain, the chain can not be too little nor too much, it is best to the best twenty dozen. But for the swap chain site as well as some stress, that is the similarity problem, for example. If your site is for sports, then you can make the Internet and change link. I think this is a lot of friends is still very clear, I hope you give attention.

three, with a large number of cheating sites

, your site has a large number of dynamic pages? This will allow search engines to search

if your site is a dynamic page, then congratulations you got shot. Then how to solve this problem? We can set the static method to achieve pseudo static pages. The setting method about pseudo static not here about. Online search can solve.

with open source systems continue to emerge, now do a site does not exist technical problems. So many friends used the corresponding procedures of the station in a short period of time to build a very beautiful site. Because a lot of open source program is developed using PHP, so the result is ZhengZhan dynamic pages, many owners did not pay attention to this problem. But this search engine is very bad, because the search engine grab dynamic pages is not very good, so the dynamic page is not friendly to search engine.

in addition to the above points, we should also pay attention to the site is filled with a lot of junk information to deceive search engine. So what is called search engine spam deception? To what as the standard? For this problem, the author give some examples. For example, the "transition page" and "bridge" and the same text color and background color and so on all of these is to deceive the search engine behavior. For some junk information website, must be given.

Search engine spam ?A number of important factors in

two, the chain system of your big

Shanghai dragon, we are faced with a regular search engine, if the site has done some to search engine friendly thing, then we get the punishment as can be imagined is huge. After some basic knowledge of the search engine, we also should pay attention to search engine friendly behavior. Then, the author will continue to explain the relevant considerations. In the "breakdown of website features not friendly to the search engine, you shot it? (on)", the author mainly discusses the four features are not friendly to the search engine. In fact, features are not friendly to the search engine more than four, then the author will do some qualitative analysis on several other features, hoping to provide some guidance to the webmaster friends.


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