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Discussion on B2b industry website Shanghai dragon strategy Title keywords set

(Keywords):< meta name=" Keywords" content=" electronic components, electronic components, IC components, spot, procurement, sales, supply, wholesale, recycling, IC IC suppliers, buyers, electronic components, electronic exhibition, Huaqiang, Huaqiang group, Huaqiang electronic, Huaqiang electronic network " in fact, Huaqiang electronic network / > this definition, many of the words is a word, that is the function of garbage, but because of high weight, but for the love of Shanghai, keyword value degree is not high, so there is no need to pay too much attention to, so it is also possible to define.

Keywords I

title (title): Huaqiang electronic network Title Huaqiang electronic network – electronic industry throughout the chain of hqew贵族宝贝 e-commerce platform, because Huaqiang electronic network belongs to the brand website, so the title is to define their own station, but the station name contains the electronic network, it also highlights the type of site, is also conducive to the electronic network the word weights, the phrase "electronic industry chain full e-commerce platform directly generalizes the website content, but also the external promotion of the slogan, the benefits of doing so, and the emergence of electronic word, let the electronic weight to a greater extent to improve the search for the word love Shanghai, electronic time can be found.

1. industry B2B website is usually large, although for an industry, but the content is good, which makes most of Shanghai Dragon don’t know where to start keywords. Keywords to first see is the definition of the page keywords, the home is usually the highest weight. So we must define the search large amount of words, but also to highlight the site is what kind of website, and to have reasonable word segmentation effect. For different search to maximize the search to the home page. Of course, in the definition of time should also pay more attention to the user experience, what all don’t want to do, what can be done to the last possible.

ten nights, originally Shanghai dragon origin, due to subsequent accumulated experience, has slowly turned to website operation promotion, the site for the industry have done a lot of Shanghai dragon and promotion. For example, Huaqiang electronic network hqew贵族宝贝, I believe that many industry professionals know this website. In this industry website flooding the Internet can really grasp the lifeline of the industry website, Shanghai dragon can be said to be one of the indispensable factors. Shanghai dragon among set of keywords and the importance of setting the title keywords no ground for blame, today wrote some industry website of Shanghai Longfeng strategies for your reference, the hope for the development of the webmaster help.

2. now take Huaqiang electronic network to do a example, let everyone know more clearly about.



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