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Fuzhou Changle Decoration Company Share Rankings included

We now know the reason

1, the spider is not what can capture, such as video, JS, not the alt attribute pictures, music and other elements that some unfriendly spider.

push interface debug address instead of their own love Shanghai webmaster tools inside the debugging. Uploaded to the site root directory sm.php, sm.html. Now use your domain name /sm.html, then you need to submit the URL to submit. Push success prompts {"remain": "success": *} *.

2, update the contents of quantitative timing: log understanding spider crawling your site, update the content in time before crawling.

site will not be included after I believe we will not make the website ranking, the premise is to be included, so how do we make the site faster and

4, change the title and layout don’t often go to the line on the site, the spider will think you are friendly.

2, the line on the website after the do not shield the entire site, once formed the habit of eating spiders cold-shoulder treatment may not come after.

6, the website was hacked and the domain name had black history.

4, automatic push: copy automatically push code paste in the blog editor – in – appearance bottom love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside (footer.php) to submit it (a blog as an example).


as a staff of Shanghai Longfeng hope that their website has a good ranking, ranking the premise is the website to be included, you have to step on the website was not included in the minefield..

3, some other error operation (delete included page has been led to the emergence of chain and processing)

1, Fuzhou decoration company website to ensure the original scarce and valuable content. Then do the anchor text as a decoration company in Changle

5, the content of the website of poor quality, a large collection of garbage.

is included, that is to say is simple and easy, as long as do the following websites also worry not to be included in


5, site map: download the Baidu sitemap plugin in the blog inside. Sitemap – Setup – Baidu and UPdate XML file submitted to check HTML static page! Do not know can refer to the following page 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/>


now for everyone to be announced before the Fuzhou Changle decoration company reason about not be included:

3, add active (real-time) push: push script download unpacked three files (sm.html, sm.php, instructions) opening the sm.php file in


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