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Experience sharing H tags you really will use it

so how to reasonably use the H tag? The author give your summary.

2, check with the server whether the site is K or drop right phenomenon, through the webmaster tools in the IP query with the server site, from the above point of view are included is normal, this time I can conclude that because it is not the same server site is K and implicated.

3, at this time I checked the website internal optimization over the existence of the phenomenon, including the website often labels, such as H1, bold and so on, in addition there is the keyword density is too close. The results of the inspection, the author be startled at the site of the first page of my light, the H1 tag is up to about 20, and more than 10 H2, and also with the H1 tag in the LOGO above, I was silly, because I www.***贵族宝贝 this website template is sleeve for other sites directly, although the board is very good-looking, but do people on this board looks Shanghai dragon is certainly not understand, so find the reasons, timely and correct.


in 2011 February one morning, I open the computer and website, the first SITE:www.***贵族宝贝, see included in love Shanghai, yet this is the result of my unexpected, even for 0 search results. When I view the site log spider to my site every day about three times, included in the 4000, but all the websites are love Shanghai K off, I was pale, immediately checked for site analysis steps are as follows:

on the site optimization of htML tag is many webmaster widely used, so the author once wrote (website ranking optimization: the original search engine love "ML" label) of this article is to give you how to use htML tags to keywords ranking optimization. So today I have to use the H1 tag error caused by the K experience to share with you, do not know how to use the H1 tag to the webmaster must be used with caution.

first 1, the first check to see if Links, suffered a chain involved and caused by K, but from the point of view of query results from the site chain which included snapshot, page SITE is normal, so this time I can conclude not because the chain suffered implicated, the first point.

for a web site, whether home page, column page or the content page, all content in the H1 tag package of search engine is considered a priority among priorities. And when the spider crawling first grab is H1 tag in between, so we in the optimization of related web pages, remember a page H1 tag can appear only once, too much will lose the significance and will strengthen the label to the search engines that are cheating optimization, this is bound to suffer the punishment, so that the use of H1 tags can promote the reasonable ranking optimization, but the error would be counterproductive.


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