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The new changes under the new rule of love Shanghai ranking

everyone is familiar with the experience, if under the same condition, the old station are generally better than the new ranking. But this situation does not exist. I observed a lot of index tens of thousands, even on the 20 thousand key words. Have a new year to 3 months at the top, and the first second are new. It’s in the back row of the famous sites of two domain names, two directories, and there are some 3, 4 years old station. The old station with new station outside the chain, internal optimization, etc. included are similar. Thus, the old station has the advantage of reducing. Of course, the old station also didnt have advantage, the advantage of the old station weight accumulation, the accumulation of reputation, the accumulation of the chain under the access rate, accumulation and so on.

said above, there is almost no Links website, ranked in the index of the first second tens of thousands. In the front row Links full website. Before, we all understand Links for weight is a good way to transfer, is a keyword ranking of the best anchor text mode. However, for the low weight site Links, this effect has been gradually reduced. Similarly, for the mass of the chain to the anchor text of the Forum blog, but also seriously reduced, even is the cause to be punished, so the hair everywhere anchor text, now is the result of the reaction. Of course, the chain still exist, especially the classified information website, B2B website, and the same brand site, enhance the role of the site is quite large.

through the adjustment of No. 22 and No. 28, fell in love with the sea off a large number of black K website. We don’t talk about the love of Shanghai is not. Single purpose, love the Shanghai said publicly that the target is low, no original acquisition station, the user experience of the website, is to purify the network environment. Love Shanghai admits manslaughter many excellent website, which is K for most people, the reason is not sufficient. But we depend on others, can only make new adjustments to adapt to the new changes. Instead of waiting for the official adjustment, official reply, as well as their own research on surviving website.

had no effect on the website

through the study in recent days, the change is mainly the following:

high quality anchor text

says that "

3, non weight reduction of

4, the original weight increased by

1, the old station no absolute advantage

2, the number of

most of the time included a number of exchange links, also often take out as a standard. However, from the updated ranking, many personal websites, the number is two hundred or three hundred, the number of included. Also included tens of thousands of websites on the way ahead, of course, these sites I have observed, also did not have absolute advantage in other aspects. No strong chain, it Links, almost no, or only one or two.


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