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The interpretation of the Chinese gas user experience to see how the prices of Shanghai love PV

"love Shanghai" turned "Chinese gas"

in the China gas of this function, love Shanghai to join the sweepstakes, each search for an Olympic project (via Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui found the name found in the project of Olympic athletes, also can get) a gas badge in the search results, and return to love Shanghai home, and did not collect a badge can live a lucky draw, and if the assembly of gold badge more pumping chance, so, not only for Chinese refueling, and have the opportunity to draw, Why not?. Can not find a badge, "

also, attempts to input search found Olympic Games or Olympic athletes eye-catching in Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui, this is also a feature of the search results. When searching for Olympic athletes names, are the natural ranking the first Olympic athletes love Shanghai encyclopedia, but also directly give personal information related to the Olympic athletes, the Olympic search project, its nature was also ranked first in Olympic Games competition schedule situation. Love Shanghai this also shows that the user search habits were studied and understood, can proceed from the demand, optimize the search results of feedback information. So, the user can search, at first glance will be able to get access to the information they want.

this month 26 in the evening, fell in love with the sea following the 2012 end of the world ", for the Olympic Games launched a unique and innovative function. Let Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui as we interpret the interpretation of the function of the user experience is, how to make love Shanghai crazy PV. After all, in our website operation when the user experience is the priority among priorities of a ring. As Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog, the writer has been plagued by how well the user experience, so as to improve the views of every visitor, so as to reduce the rate of jump out. Well, this inconvenience long winded, directly into the subject.



in the arrival of the Olympic Games, I believe many of my friends are concerned about Liu Xiang, and when we love Shanghai "Liu Xiang" when there is no new features found love in Shanghai? In Huizhou Shanghai dragon Ye Jianhui in the input after Liu Xiang ready for love in Shanghai when, suddenly found the red button actually turned to "Chinese refueling" button. Then, the author attempts to found in the input, is not just Liu Xiang, as long as the Olympic athletes name or the Olympics, will touch the function change. Have to say this is the love of Shanghai continue to "another innovation 2012 doomsday effects". Shanghai love through this innovative function, let the user feel and know the arrival of the Olympic Games, so let users feel at every important event will occur or when carried out in the sea, will give the feeling which the user experience is self-evident.

search related information Olympic qualification awarded gold medals, draw

to the needs of users, to optimize the search results


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