The new love Shanghai why not included

Has a lot of stability of means?

if your site meets the above problems, see the following:

In What time

3, my site quickly included will not affect the ranking of

some even spend a thousand dollars, or even million yuan to learn Shanghai Longfeng, go to some training institutions in Shanghai dragon, but the training is theory of a basket, really use too little


as a webmaster, we need to learn Shanghai dragon, just for the entry of Shanghai Longfeng novices, why don’t you want to become Shanghai dragon master, in their hearts, become Shanghai dragon master is not a day for two days, a lot of forum, Post Bar, circles are discussed in the Shanghai dragon, but for the novice and if no one pointing, it is difficult to ponder thoroughly!

7, my website is going to pursue a long-term and stable or temporary

you decide to pay someone to help you solve the problem before, Liu Qingyun reminder: you should understand these problems:

well, actually said something useless, said the following, why not love Shanghai, the new station included the

after you understand the above problems, You’ll see. how to choose!!!


website online, website and you do business, content, keywords, product, space, domain name, program and so on, such as: sensitive industry, cancer, venereal disease, syphilis, lottery, the content of love is not love in Shanghai, is also sensitive to the products of this kind of key words is not good to do and not included, time may be longer, do the ranking is not easy. In addition, picture, animation etc. are not easily included, because love Shanghai does not recognize the picture, only text recognition, so the image to add text description alt.

!!! ? fast included?Methods

new love, Liu Qingyun give you one by one:

1, my website

6, my website is fast included black hat means or white hat

? is best? drop right?


was my website ranking no snapshot is associated with the original

space, if you have space in your site just online is often not open, it must affect the special website content included, you want to.

2, my website is not suitable for rapid collection of

new love Shanghai why not included? The new on-line website how fast included? Why my website did not rank? Why my website suddenly no snapshot? Why do I write not loved Shanghai included? Why my website an on-line

?There are many reasons why Shanghai not included

5, my site quickly included also is a temporary cure for



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