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The website of Shanghai dragon love summary standards from men and women

3. trust and respect each other. The process of love to trust and respect on both sides, not because of a little trifles to get excited over a little thing. No matter what you do, we must trust the people you love. Do every thing to respect the people you love. Shanghai Longfeng in website optimization, also need to trust and respect to the search engine, to trust everyone to respect your team. Learn to trust and respect to the search engine, you will find the original Shanghai dragon optimization is a happy thing, not because the ranking is not stable and complain. Learn to trust and respect your teammates, you will find that the job is not too tired, efficiency will be improved, not because of the disagreement between team members to quarrel, try to understand each other, the key is to find effective solutions.

2. honest, time can prove everything. Love must treat each other sincerely, because both sides as long as there is a sincere love, the current situation has been considered a success. Always believe that time can prove everything, now efforts are not in vain, a long time to see the truth. Shanghai dragon will sincerely treat search engine, here is not to say sincerely to adopt a fast ranking method of cheating, if for the immediate interests of the cheating and ranked last will The loss outweighs the gain. To believe that the search engine ranking not only temporary, time can prove everything, as long as we are in the proper way, the ranking will be. So Shanghai Longfeng optimization must hold on

love is wonderful, is happy. Everyone wants to talk about a love with vigour and vitality, so sometimes need to pay attention to many criteria in order to talk about a stable relationship. For example: aggressive; sincerely treat each other; trust and respect each other; close to take care of each other; specific to each other; adversity never give up. The 6 point to, basically you can talk about a good love! I suddenly found that this 6 applied to the Shanghai dragon above is so stunning, so surprisingly useful. The author will through the 6 points and we talk about the website of Shanghai Longfeng criteria.

1. active offensive. Love is not passive, you need to take the initiative to attack, need to take the initiative to the people you love to do, for the people you love to take you in the shortest time, let her know you well soon, your love for her! So in order to get the one you love. Shanghai dragon is also, you can not passively wait for search engines to include you, you should take the initiative to let the spider included in your site. Methods: the Raiders submitted to the search engine website; looking for high quality Links and the chain; update the article (original). These search engines do, basically be included in your site the fastest time.

4. specific to each other. When both men and women love the most taboo is not specific, if both sides are sure this is the love you want, then you should only take their love, don’t love the love that one for a while. Don’t because it is not exclusive and love to hurt you "



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