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The new algorithm Google characteristics of spam sites to identify suspect

, a Google update algorithm of

characteristicsThere are too many low quality links to web site,

link has many well-known sites in 2, from (perhaps buy links, is considered to be the black hat Shanghai dragon)

excessive optimization punishment for Shanghai dragon optimization is like a nightmare, the webmaster should consider.


4, multiple links to a page

7, Links accumulation


6, there is no real social interaction activities, but there are many external links (buy Links or the station group)

two, the algorithm updates the damage rate of

now has affected many inferences in guess what the website will be the biggest, so quick decision seems not so wise. Some people say that Google’s search results have not so good, a lot of people in the last year of the panda update algorithm also said the same thing.

the network spam policy Google basically will affect the ranking of three point one percent, for those sites with a lot of garbage is the language will have a greater impact.

Google has launched the new search algorithm: improve quality website eliminate aggressive network garbage, this shows that if a site is a high quality website, then the keywords ranking will have priority right ascension, will be even more simple. This is the algorithm to update a incentives for high quality website, while the waste site will take what kind of punishment? I believe this is the webmaster concern.

repetition rate 5, a page in the high

summary of spam sites were identified:

in Shanghai dragon industry update algorithm is a commonplace thing, but the usual things caused an uproar in the webmaster households. Especially a recent Google algorithm update, Google’s most famous engineer Matt Cutts said the update algorithm is garbage sites for groups.

when a site appeared to have some unusual links and keyword stuffing in the site, so the site, Google will remove your ranking, because they will think of you, these links are likely to come from the factory link link, in addition to the anchor text site page, and if you the page is not much related words, will search engine that is the site of garbage.

3 site, but was not associated with the site content

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Keywords anchor text links contain too much competition fierce,


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