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How to break the bottleneck for web traffic flow and then fly for a while

cnzz, love stand nets obtain some rankings but not very front and very long tail keywords flow, in order to get a better ranking of the long tail keywords will need to carry the long tail keywords page into high weight links (including quantity and quality). From the quality point of view, the website home page and channel page weight is the highest, so we can carry long tail keywords page recommended in these pages; from the quantitative point of view, we should link anchor text appropriate to add these long tail keywords in the text content, and links to the long tail keywords page bearing.

From the above In

recommended articles (Figure three)



2, strengthen the main key words into the weight

a lot of people to a certain extent there will be a bottleneck in time to the site to do traffic optimization, then the general flow is relatively stable and will not have too big change. However, although the flow is stable, but the owners still hope to achieve a breakthrough flow. Especially in the fierce competition in the electronic commerce, traffic is particularly precious. The following author Liu Dao from the long tail keywords, keyword 2 aspects to analyze, how to break through the bottleneck of traffic flow, let fly again.

1, strengthen the existing

we all know, each page is a weight value, the search engine is based on the weight value to rank search results. This page weight value is determined by the three aspects of the page relevance, import link weight and user behaviors, including the quantity and quality of the import link is the main factor affecting the page weight value obtained by the. In the understanding of this point, we need to transfer the weight to adjust the page. Before the adjustment, we should first make a list of the long tail keywords, and keyword search rankings and the site has a considerable amount of. Flow can be obtained by statistical background, or some of the existing query webmaster tools (such as: cnzz, love station network). In order to intuitively explain below I illustrated it:

can be found between them is not the existence of a close connection? Which one is map statistics, cnzz background figure two is love love Shanghai station network weight data query, figure three is the website recommended articles. Well, I will explain why.


key two keywords, we usually use the web page or channel page to load. For this kind of words, words and some industries are generally very large search volume at the same time, competition is quite fierce. "


cnzz data (Figure 1)

words long tail into the weight

love station data (Figure two)


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