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How to use the third party platform to the construction of the chain


everything is ready, at the time of the release can not be careless, you have the site is the maternal and child class, you released the IT industry, so the chain will be in search that the chain of garbage, no value, so this paper choose the content according to their relevant category is very important.

3. do

1. clear purpose

understand in principle the purpose and mission of the task mechanism, the following is to do so. How to post in the third party platform on

5. monitor

will be released outside the chain every day you spend.

anything to clear the purpose of the trip before starting, we use third party platform for the construction of the chain is what purpose? The author thinks that the two words: flow. Whether you want to improve rankings or enhance the weight of it, its ultimate purpose is the flow, flow will have a customer, there will be income. Through the third party platform is mainly for the long tail keywords products, using its high weight platform will give their information more easily displayed in the search in the front. This is our purpose, so that the direction of our efforts.

release?! is not so simple, you must first sort out some long tail keywords to search the user habits, leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 site as an example, the long tail word: how to care for newborns and so on, these words can also be meticulous, the more detailed the more long key competitiveness will be smaller, but should pay attention to the user experience, love Shanghai algorithm of word segmentation, determines the matching degree of search engine, precision.


10 times more frequent recently in the case of love Shanghai algorithm within a month, how is particularly important to maintain a good chain of work; also, in the premise of the station optimization, the chain is still an essential part of. If you want to work in every webmaster chain to write soft Wen Webmaster Platform may seem unrealistic, because the soft Wen need time and experience, the day also wrote a few articles, so webmasters need flexible use of third party platform to do outside of the chain, how to use the third party platform to do the chain construction is the premise of the webmaster should first understand.

2. do the preparation before

Copy and paste the ?

OK, a, words are sorted out, then he began to write articles. The author here is the original proposal, but most obviously do not agree, because we do not have the time, is the original article will get good rankings in search engines, but spend a lot of time, the appropriate pseudo original will help us to save most of the time to complete his work. Search engines love new things, an article whether original or false original to highlight the key. Contact your brand word you would have a good effect in the proper position.


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