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Network optimization is not reliable Because you do not have the Shanghai dragon logic

this needs webmaster will work more meticulous, more practical, more accurate direction. Do traffic, customer sales ranking, a comprehensive grasp, so as to be recognized by customers, in order to make network optimization, and become the nouveau riche.

said, Shanghai dragon logic, some people do not want to imagine so difficult, many times, Shanghai dragon logic is the user logic, what users love, what the user wants to.

In fact,

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon industry in the budding, its development speed is quite fast, like a rocket, the operation is very easy, simple keyword superposition, soft Wen promotion, links to vote can make ranking go up, however, when the goal is to rank Shanghai dragon. The approach is simple, obvious defects, so the ranking is very fast, too fast.

in recent years, due to the network optimization of the ups and downs, all the buzz constantly, many people think that the network optimization has become obsolete, even is the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival. In this regard, small does not look like this, said network optimization is not reliable, because many people are actually not Shanghai dragon logic. Shanghai dragon and logic? Yes, Shanghai dragon is so fashion drop.

the Shanghai dragon is the tall, in the hearts of many people. However, with the development of Shanghai dragon, more and more difficult situation that many people began to question, even a lot of people think that this industry has entered into a lag period. High speed development has been away from us, but the rest of the scraps, not enough to feed themselves and enterprise customers, and thus have to abandon the Shanghai dragon. So, what is the logic of Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon has no future?

not only that the search engine update also brings great influence to the development of Shanghai dragon industry. From a single machine to distinguish, link voting algorithm based on simple algorithms to now, all kinds of user experience, to combat cheating, search engine update and change also bring guidance to Shanghai Longfeng development. The search engine not only for his own existence, but constantly change themselves, eventually formed a user centered third party experts.


of course, with the change and the webmaster. The webmaster do optimization, many of which are to flow, for the money, in order to rank in order to allow users to invest on their own, but with the Shanghai dragon industry as well as the search engine change direction of the webmaster has changed, not only for customers, for themselves, but for the user optimization and optimization.

in 2017, Shanghai dragon entered a new challenge. Now the Shanghai dragon is not that in the past only for ranking and Shanghai dragon era, and the relationship between the ranking of Shanghai dragon is not just started so powerful, even reduced to a poignant degree. However, outside of Shanghai Longfeng content has gradually become the main force, and led the Shanghai dragon industry into the transformation of the upgrade them.


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