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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held night meeting of Shanghai love to build a benign ecological se

search is for customer service, in addition to providing information retrieval and search service, love Shanghai will also re integration of search products, allowing users to access information and services they need more timely and accurate, do Simple and Reliable.

PV, UV for the site concerned about income, love Shanghai search will also have quality content service site for positive drainage, become the best channel webmaster empowerment. It is worth mentioning that, with the help of a traditional site cash basis, will also expand diversified business model and opportunities.

content of original quality content will be focused on the protection of

content of dividend era continues, "the content of entrepreneurship is nowadays hot. In the content production process, information of the original site can not be timely capture, included the situation still exists, resulting in this part of the site that the search is not fair to the original article, weakened the power of the original. In view of this industry chaos, love Shanghai search in 2017 launched the "original protection plan", will open up the capture, database, sort, display and a series of links to achieve the overall linkage, and from the server to increase investment, make the high quality of the site with original content in the love sea search on justice.

search for the construction of the ecological factors cannot do without the user, and other aspects of the site. On how to better in the new search environment for mobile stations to provide welfare, love Shanghai search ecology director Xie Tian said that in addition to the site to provide content services, love Shanghai this year will be a new mechanism and products to make the site to settle in Shanghai search in "love".

for specific performance, the original protection will be more emphasis on the brand characteristics of the original author. The original data is recognized by the high quality original site submit to the minute level speed is crawling, and recognized quality original sites submitted is identified as the original data will be minutes or days for level database etc.. The site through the Webmaster Platform real-time submit original content, as well as >

April 20th, Shanghai, hosted by love Webmaster Platform Madcon with "love Shanghai night" in Xiamen, China and the United States space museum old warehouse mediatek. The meeting mainly around the Shanghai love search provides a new space for the webmaster, the flow can be increased and other topics were discussed. In addition, in order to solve the problem of search advertising, love Shanghai search and put forward a set of strict punitive measures, designed for users to create a new environment and high-quality search experience.



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re search ecology help webmasters grab more revenue

site in the search for end user operations, Shanghai will love search innovation in products, let the site can be repeated contact of the user; at the same time in the product function, realize the diversification of operation site to the user, the user will get more cash to deposit; in the brand, Shanghai search will also improve the certification of love system, to help strengthen the brand site.


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