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How to design the website search engine to sell love

let Spider search engine love website? To the search engine Spider crawling website is search engine love website. Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er treasure that to the search engine Spider crawling and helpful website can become the website optimization of users, although it is relatively narrow, but a website can be done at this level, the website is not too bad, so how to design a search engine can help Spider to crawl the website? The following Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er cherish the detail for you, the following is only Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er cherish a home can not be trusted.

How to design

for search engines to find web pages and can crawl the site inside pages of content, was found in the URL must be able to be grasped, the database dynamically generated, with too many parameters of URL, sessionID, flash, frame, the entire page, suspicious to copy and paste the contents of a large number of the growth is not conducive to the development of the website. If the site has something don’t want to be the search engines you can directly take robots.txt off screen, but after all, robots.txt is a protocol really can achieve the effect can make nothing of it, are interested can refer to: what is robots.txt


the above is the Shanxi Shanghai dragon Er treasure introduced "how to design the transfer search engine love website" the content above is only a personal opinion, welcome to communicate with you.

first, search engine to crawl to the web page, the search engine spiders to crawl in on the front page of the site, along the site navigation page, column page crawling to the website of the deep structure of the site the article page, so good is more important, a good layout of the site of the internal links, search engines will crawl crawl along the normal HTML code page, click on the website home page from the best small, in addition, now the search engine to crawl JS and flash inside the link to grab or have some difficulties, so do website optimization to avoid these.

website can crawl after extraction to the website information, search engines crawl the site to site and can extract a strong correlation information, now many enterprises do website station site in order to achieve the visual effect is very good, the front page of the site directly with flash to make animation in the visual effect although above feeling is very good, but for search the Spider engine is not friendly, here the main reference is able to help the search engine to better grasp as the basis of judgment.

source: Shanxi Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/q821435429


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