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Shanghai dragon training of these tricks have you noticed

actually I often meet some friends complained to me on QQ Shanghai Longfeng training courses of all sorts of "despicable", said they said although reliable, but are some basic knowledge, making it impossible for us to rapidly growing industry master, feel a bit not worth the money, there are friends directly by naked liar pit thousands of dollars, for this case I and you analyze, nothing more than two points, the first point is we’re not pragmatic, Shanghai Dragon technology is not one of the two methods can clearly explain the so-called Shanghai dragon training is to share the experience, let everyone know what to do and what not to do, but for the actual operation according to special circumstances, not an optimization method can use all the sites, the second point is that expectations are too high The content of the training, often in a worship mentality, to.

is now the Internet is a civilian era, more and more grassroots webmaster realized his dream to make money here, but this is not to say what people can break out of gold on the Internet, there must be some skill, especially for the owners of this increasingly fierce competition in the industry, if you have appropriate professional armed knowledge of yourself, sooner or later will be more than competitors. Here you should mention Shanghai dragon training, for the website, in addition to the construction of the system itself, a supporting point is to promote the survival of the site, after all, wine is also afraid of deep alley, we have to go to their website, can have the income. However, the truth is now Shanghai dragon training company category is more, not only is the novice webmaster too busy to attend to all those of us old webmaster, sometimes confused, but we must be after a certain time to hone, ability can say is at least more, I would feel that the "Maoni said Shanghai Dragon training in".


has been deceived, because we own not pragmatic and too high expectations of

training can not follow the crowd, to know their learning and focus on the growth of

is currently on the market a lot of Shanghai Longfeng training courses are facing the "poor and blank" novice webmaster, often speaking from the content construction and optimization of high pressure line and other basic content, for the pure theory of knowledge, or can understand in love Shanghai Encyclopedia of things, you do not need to listen to every word. Although the course is that we had to pay tuition fees, but also learn to have the focus, after all our energy is limited, and there is not much to listen to some valuable things, as they advance "Preview" about other content, it is undeniable that the focus on learning effect is better. At least you know in advance the learning focus, and then in the process of telling the lecturer more carefully listen, do not importune lecturer all listen to it again, everyone is from the students came to know, not interested in things that we are very difficult to accept, of course, about the content of the training is not to follow the crowd, you need to what is what to learn, do not want to learn, you know.


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