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SEMFLY To summarize eight kinds of optimization techniques in Shanghai Dragon

has a lot of friends in exchange for Links is very painful, so exchange Links also know-how in exchange, of course Links to exchange every day, but when the site exchange links over 30 we can stop the exchange, and we can submit exchange Links exchange platform website, so you can save the time we exchange links.

recently a lot of friends always ask me the same question, you ask me to Shanghai dragon there are no tricks, it is not what I asked the Shanghai dragon? In fact there is a shortcut and tips, but before sharing, I want to share an experience for everyone, Shanghai dragon in tips and shortcuts we need to do every day in Shanghai Longfeng work summed up, and these shortcuts and tips will become your life experience of wealth, so I suggest you at work, as far as possible to think, don’t revolve around some old way round, so it is very difficult to progress, so here to share with you some Shanghai Longfeng my tips.

one trick: how to adjust the structure of the station

Three tips:

has a lot of friends when adjusting the structure of the station, the first thought is the emergence of a large number of keywords in the station, in fact, this idea is wrong, there is a trick in the adjustment of the structure of the station, as long as you know when to adjust the structure of the station, as far as possible to avoid spiders cannot identify code, such as JS and pictures. If your website image too much, we can use ALT embedded keywords, which can help improve the spider included pictures and words appear rate, and when do you remember the station as long as the adjustment of title, description and keyword, meta pictures to join alt, navigation, Links can, what else do not have to move it. Do the station is the best adjustment.

station title

search engines are very picky, very dependent on the original article, so there are some sites that rely on original articles to help improve the rankings and the site included, of course, this is correct, but the modern Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not only a station, so it did not have time to go to the original, and finally there is a part of Shanghai dragon find some articles on the Internet, and then embed the keyword bold with hyperlinks, this method is not correct, because some website weight is very low, so it is not included in the appeared in the online article, so I suggest we can find Shanghai Longfeng some of the existing articles on the Internet in the update article, then the head and tail to modify modify, then embedded keywords, this collection will be greatly enhanced.

We all know that

station Links exchange skills

you may think just said that the station structure? How also said title? Title actually words we all know is.

four tips: sort

two tips: the station for the update


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