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The difference between the 300 wars interpretation of the concept of the two

2, in the search results — love Shanghai website provided more abundant type



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through the above 2 maps, you can clearly see the search results, love Shanghai more rich, a encyclopedia, library, website, forum posts, software download, the latest news, video and other products, for the user, selection will be greater, the 360 search in this area seems somewhat outdated, more like the love of Shanghai search results, relatively simple, show more is Shanghai dragon Er website, there are 7 Shanghai dragon Er site in 11 as a result, more ridiculous is that no real official website. Although the opportunity to show one more, but relatively simple search results to the 360 search lost some points. Of course, the 360 have to do is love and Shanghai is not the same thing, but also not having sex in Shanghai before abandon method. Of course, the 360 search is just started, there is still much room for growth, to provide search results can be more intelligent, more reasonable

1, –360 in the search results and user experience better

The analysis !The

love Shanghai in the search, the search results page, not only the natural ranking of the website, and the bidding website promotion, website ranking, website do not consider the weight, as long as the money, you can get good rankings. Most of the traffic is the bidding website to attract go, for natural ranking website influence is big. The 360 search, no auction site, only the natural ranking page is more concise, for users, natural ranking, no advertising intervention results, it is their desired results; for the grass-roots webmaster, can get more traffic, which means more income will. So regardless of the user or the grassroots webmaster, with the help of 360 more

!In 3,

shown below is "rack" in Shanghai love search page shows the results of the analysis:


shown below is "rack", in the 360 page of search results display:

360 search challenge to love Shanghai, let our webmaster see a little hope, want to occupy a space for one person in the search field, attract more users, or in the user experience a lot of effort, through the following the keyword "rack" search results, analyze from different angles. The interpretation of different ideas between them


two is a picture of me today, in the natural rankings, love Shanghai has 10 results, 360 11 results, the opportunity to show more than one, and the snapshot to update some of the analysis below! According to the above 2 picture and love Shanghai, 360 search specific to the user interface, they and the webmaster who brought the different



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