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Take Shanghai dragon road arena is not the original Arena

remember two years ago to his home farm station, do not know what the Shanghai dragon from a layman, to gradually in A5, Shanghai WHY forum can send one or two dragon soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, experienced a period of happiness and pain, to update the article, at the Forum on time every day by writing the left link postings in the classified information platform. Day in and day out, month after month for a few months of bitter stationmaster, although his business station has brilliant, but because my main focus is not in the website optimization, mainly in operation, and 3 months later when the station main words in love when my Shanghai home before several I don’t do it, because of the long time not to take care of, no more than half a year, the station will be "pulling".

station, station I find in Taobao, let it attempt to build a station, art, program, website internal optimization do also, relatively modest price, then let it do the three station, the three stations are for three products.

with these foundations, so two years later this year, I regained the Shanghai dragon in this way, the new light, Shanghai Dragon Lake, I come again. In order to guarantee, I first in our piece of good ranking of a website, rented a window, so I do have some time optimization. This time I want to do more than one station, to the optimization of the not to do all of their own work, one is in order to save costs, the two is to make a good website. I just started the three steps, as follows:

2, is selected according to the website statistics I had rented and the layout of the website, content, because I am involved in content is local, the general people do not know these products, so I decided to all of the articles are my own update, try to be original, and can provide some useful information for the user, so in the old market I spent a lot of time, as is the Amoy related products, old books, such as the high quality of the original article. Sometimes the time also in the long tail post third party platform to send some related products, "post" tactics, it is learned that during the year.

3, the website, I was outsourced to a Shanghai Phoenix studio, only the construction of the chain such as forum signatures, the third party platform post, love Shanghai products, the inquiry platform outside chain etc.. The cost is in a >

1, The construction of the chain of

that year affair is really too much, no way can only rent a master site for the operation optimization of the farmhouse. But with the increasingly high cost, plus the rental site a lot of things slowly become my own to do, for more than a year, a variety of reasons I put it to withdraw, they start network marketing layout, this year although not engaged in Shanghai Longfeng, did not concern some skills Shanghai dragon, but for the network promotion this one I have a set of their own, such as the third party platform "affixed to the sea" tactics, marketing, etc. micro-blog stations have to understand.



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