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A look at the two women breast self touch health health network

a lot of women on their own breast discomfort often feel upset, because once the breast discomfort, they will be overwhelmed. Many people choose to endure and drag". There are many women, especially young girls, do not want to expose the body in front of strangers, especially in front of a male doctor, so do not want to go to the hospital for examination.

In fact,

breast self-examination is not too difficult, women that their breast health check can be through simple words, which can avoid the embarrassing situation, the more important is that it can find early breast abnormalities including pain, early treatment.

female breast self-examination a look at two touch health

self breast first step: [see]

face the mirror, his torso, arms drooping naturally, observe the bilateral breast symmetry, both sides of the nipple is on the same level, in addition, carefully observe the shape, nipple and areola of breast skin without depression, nipple secretion etc..

self-test breast second steps: [touch]

flat bed, the fingers of the right hand together, with the nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin to do circular massage. Check the force should be uniform to the finger can touch the ribs is appropriate. Then check the right breast with his left hand, touch no hand grabbed, otherwise easy to breast tissue as tumor. In addition, remember to check the armpit and clavicle position, because some of the growth may also be around the breast tissue. If you touch the nodule or lump in self-examination, go to the hospital for further examination.

39 Health Network reminder: the best time is self 9~11 days after menstruation, then easily found lesions; postmenopausal elderly women without time limit, can check at any time.


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