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Some details of the impact of user experience optimization font

4, the narrow spacing

1, the small font

is easy to cause the factor of readability:

An entry, I

8, there is no longer a title

The horizontal spacing of

2, the interference of background image

1-8 from these are illustrated by a lot of factors affect the readability of the article, good readability can improve the user experience, let the time stay longer with the page, reduce the rate of jump out the page in question. Personally, 12px font is more normal, some small title can be set up 14px here to look for the news agency coordination, this type of article about the size of about 16px. However, readability depends not only on the size of the font, margins and width also relates to part of a paragraph.

7, no left and right margins

this encyclopedia on contrast, we are not love this type of font spacing. Of course, some webmaster set the font color can also estimate their hobbies selected. In contrast to other optimization, I think the webmaster friends are more likely to ignore these simple details of the optimization. This paper consists of old mobile phone 贵族宝贝3baidu.net/ handwritten original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

this is another website article, so I want to compact intervals, to give the reader a few seconds are more difficult. Here we see a better readability article type.


6, the text is too wide for

this is the situation I see them on a web site, the paragraph is such a row down section of anterior indentation is not set to see more, people will feel upset.

talked about Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will think of those most basic tittle, description, structure optimization. However, few people pay attention to the optimization of the font, after all, font size, spacing width and length of the almost does not affect the search engine, but it affects the readers, affect the readability of the article.

Here is a list of 8 points on the


3, without any background and text color


5, no appropriate independent paragraph


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