This search on-line beta experience

can see from the figure in the bottom of the search results appeared in the micro-blog search results, there are about 187, after opening the link to the real-time search Google search results, Sina search is micro-blog, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent Sohu NetEase micro-blog Google results. But there is a little like fingers behind this snapshot of the website, if satisfied, can click on the little finger, which is similar to the Shanghai love love, love the user ", click on a. Appears in the last result is forwarded, can be forwarded to the community and so on, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, renren贵族宝贝 happy net, the popularization of Douban sharing tools inside.


community search, users create topics, sharing, inclusion complex, similar to the love of Shanghai and micro-blog know, in this region it can ask questions to answer, which is similar to the love and know Shanghai; sharing, similar to micro-blog, you can publish links, pictures etc..

search has four main search interface, web pages, pictures, real time, four community forum. The web search is mainly related to the content of real-time search, search the major search is Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu four micro-blog search results, straightforward point is the "micro-blog hodgepodge", as for the image search, the search results obviously did not have to fight and love Shanghai. For example, we search for "love Shanghai" and so on, search the search to only about 51900 results, while Shanghai has found love image search related pictures about 324000000, stored in the database, so the search is not obvious than love Shanghai picture search. The community requires user registration and so search later to see and know the results.

is worth mentioning is that in Shanghai, love 360 comprehensive search, Sogou search, have launched website security verification, so as to forget search results in the verification of security manifests, this is negligence? Like 360 comprehensive search just push on

As for the place?

search for "Google" results:

search interface and so on, we’ll see if the search results above we should favor the

in December 18th by former Google chief Liu Jun Chinese founded officially launched a test version of the search and so on. After the 360 comprehensive search, and search engines continue to impact the people unwilling to remain out of the limelight, so whether the new search will soar like 360 comprehensive search will still be love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 search directly pushed away, continue to watch this late. Here I will take you to experience such a search.

two, the search results change

Above is the simple introduction of the



, a main interface


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