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The team tell you how to do the original and soft

soft flow, soft, we can pass the QQ mass, mass mailing, sending visitors to the active forum to find your website, what kind of soft can attract people. For example, we want to publish an article at the end of the world, want to be on it, we can appropriately use some questions, such as a singer is really a woman. Writing in the article, why this site will say a singer is not a woman, because of curiosity and a lot of people will click into your website, you can try to guide the visitors of your address, of course to prepare, the station will write the article in advance, whether the user is not second times as.

recently a lot of people looking for our team to do the writing and write soft article. We found a lot of problems, one is lazy. Two is the only care about the flow and not care about the content. We have a customer site (to avoid AD not connected), looking for us to do long tail optimization, no matter what kind of content, as long as you can do it. We took over, achieves the effect to customers in a few weeks, then we ask the customer, why to do. Because IP up, union advertising can have income – this is the customer’s answer.

The introduction of

original, many people refer to the original how to write in the team here also display slight skill before an expert. We recently took over more and more of the original and pseudo original. Many webmaster found not to write original, just because of laziness. Or because of the hands of a more adequate funding. In fact, the original is not so complicated. First, we introduce.

In fact,

first soft is a website must do. Because only a good soft Wen, can attract more traffic, for example, you are a well-known portal site, do a report on the nature of the article, so if you are selling products website, will attract some customers, whether they were good or bad news. There will be people in your product evaluation. As an example, I am a client’s website has been included only one page. We analyzed his website and server, the overall results are, he does not stand in the two update, do not send the chain. We take a effective way. In the first A station publish original articles, and then wait for a few minutes after the spider crawling, we put the contents of the article published in some high weight forum, a reprint of illusion. High weight forum such as the A5 master station can. Then reproduced to adding weight forum in the article page link address our own station of the original spider crawling, every day at least more than 10G. Crawling speed, a small update all of the content can be included in more than ten minutes.

for unemployed webmaster, do a website income is right, because it is to rely on to maintain life and livelihoods. But it really long flow. You may say some keywords are loopholes, people search every day, regardless of how the site has no substance. In fact, the focus of this article is to tell you, why do the original and soft promotion.


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