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The search engine in the mobile phone is not how to play


so, search engine giants, how is the Epiphany? Insight in the mobile phone search engine must not turn to play

but that is the past glorious summit.

computer screen is bigger, can show a large amount of information, which can bring more advertising gold master as a search engine, but the mobile phone screen is smaller, showing less information, although the love of Shanghai mobile search engine for the information presented was simplified, but still not good experience. In addition, the computer keyboard is more suitable for the type of information. The mobile phone gestures, input on the small screen information is not easy. That is to say, different hardware and mobile phone input habits, hindering the survival in the mobile Internet search engine.

now, in the field of mobile Internet, only rely on search engines, has been difficult to kaijiangtuotu. Whether love Shanghai or Google or once for mobile search all illusions, they think they can replicate the success once. But soon, they woke up to the. Google responded quickly, and rely on technology and resources, with the rise of FACEBOOK, rapidly to cater to the trend, give up the established strategy depending on the search engine to occupy the mobile internet. Love Shanghai slower response, a year ago, Robin Li emphasized that the wolf, but has not had the search engine, but a series of integration and financial performance, for example, the acquisition of glutinous rice 91, on-line love Shanghai assistant, browser, Android market, popular said data is the number 13 mobile applications and users billions of dollars.

both have a portal or browser war, war, or war, the input method of desktop software security war, war, was repeatedly mentioned is "seize the computer Internet entrance". However, the smoke of the past, today’s Internet entrance computer search engine, or a single large (at least to occupy the position, as long as the Internet heavyweight) information is still occupy a great proportion, then the information screening is necessary, we will rely on search engines. But in the mobile Internet, it is no longer the main part of the mobile Internet, to provide life service facilities is the biggest feature of the mobile Internet, and mobile phone operating system is different from the end user computer, so the entrance.

search engine does not turn in the middle reasons to play mobile phone: a single VS multiple entrance entrance

search engine does not turn in the playing surface due to mobile phone: large screen VS small screen

does not understand the history of Google, it is not possible to understand the history of the internet. Also, do not understand the essence of love Shanghai, it is not difficult to understand the operation of the Internet Chinese. Of course, also includes YAHOO, Bing and other search engines. In a word, since the search engine of Internet content, a large explosion occurred, also let people see the huge wealth and entrepreneurial opportunities in the Internet, inspired many entrepreneurs to enter the field of the internet. Relying on the search engine, the first batch of growing up with real money, strength and charm of the Internet Co.


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