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This paper is to explore the basic conditions of Shanghai included love

a site has good rankings cannot do without good content, often some Shanghai Longfeng novice complain why my website articles are not to be included in the forum to see the love of Shanghai, why is included and canceled? In fact, as long as those experienced from an article published articles not included to love Shanghai second webmaster, more or less understand some factors affecting the article can be included pastebin.

a large part of the article is not included because of Shanghai dragon ER in order to improve the keywords of the page, insert random keywords in the article, to increase keyword density, since the beginning of 2012, love Shanghai has been frequently update algorithm for these three cats, Kung Fu, sea love already not see in the eyes of the search. The engine is always meet user, this web page deliberately insert keywords, causes the statement cannot read coherently normal will be eliminated, more needless to say you will be included.

, from the user experience of the website itself, ensure the correlation

four, from their own web site safety >

Zac in the Shanghai dragon combat password that the user can visit the place, love Shanghai spiders can grab it, a web page open speed slow, can not display the full content, as the visitors you will continue to read? Of course not, keep the speed of the open web page can be a very good efficiency to improve the spider crawling on the site, and improve the included, just as two web sites were put to use the same at home and abroad Shanghai dragon server server to optimize it, the last in the domestic server website ranking, the same reason. Here we have long winded point, many speed method to open, such as the CSS, JS compression, the open Gzip and so on, the other can refer to love Shanghai in the statistics Shanghai Longfeng proposals that.

is made minor adjustments in April 24th, love Shanghai, love Shanghai and articles were included in the search engine more updates, we work together to explore Shanghai Longfeng personnel in writing when what should be paid attention to, how to make the release quickly indexed by search engines and so on.

two, from the user experience of the site of the article page to ensure fluency in

first our website published an article from the basic purpose is to give users see, you is the most basic guarantee for this article and if the relevant web content, but also to the needs of users, users may need to retrieve the contents of a web site and no theme related articles is not the user go to visit, even if the user accidentally opened only one eye and then close down, there is no meaning for the purpose of the site optimization, can not meet the needs of users of the most basic, no one to see, talk about what is included?

three, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, avoid keyword stuffing suspected


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