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The optimized reference guide from the success of Shanghai’s love

: a TITLE title from

2, a list of the content page title: list page, content page title also inherited the title page the clear concise and to the point. What we can see at this point? A: general site list page, content page title, consists of a list or the content page title and Title page. Such as: the home page title: "Shanghai website construction _ Shanghai network company _ Shanghai web site design _ _ Shanghai Shanghai XXX company, the list page or content will be written as: list page title / content page title + page title. As can be imagined, the final result how? The content page list page, title, limit greatly more than the search engine page display. Finally, because the page shows the insufficiency, affect website ranking will not say. In fact, those who have a certain website optimization experience, try to control the page title should not exceed the maximum search engine page display.

love Shanghai, the domestic search engine most dependent on the webmaster survival, website optimization is mostly for the so-called "love Shanghai rules" and. The webmaster all know, no matter what search words, Shanghai love their products can always appear in the front. People have questioned the fairness of the rankings, but is it? In fact, love itself has Shanghai superior ranking, is because the optimization do impeccable. So as a webmaster, whether we can learn from him what? Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon success, wish to learn about a product, today we take the Shanghai know to introduce topic: love.

description tags

in fact, love Shanghai oneself a lot of products are not keywords, description writing, don’t forget to write their own love Shanghai? The answer is No. The correct answer is only one: the weight of love Shanghai given these two labels is low. In fact, many Shanghai dragon Er think: Keywords tags and description not essential, why not very important? Because I love Shanghai LEE once said: we encourage you to write through the description website, just too frequent revision, may not be timely feedback in the abstract. Of course, has its existence significance for each label, but have little effect. But for the grassroots webmaster, close a >



1, a front page headline: "love Shanghai know sixteen words the world’s largest Chinese interactive quiz platform" simple, summed up the site all. A user can know "love Shanghai know" what is, unlike now some sites will fill the title, keyword stuffing a superb collection of beautiful things of neither fish nor fowl. Search engine page writes until the limit of the title of the show, test the user’s eyes, let the search engines display. From this point we know: the TITLE page title writing center can be concise and to the point, seize.


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