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Four skills webmaster can use the pseudo original

fourth, perfect the website internal links.

traffic outside from the title of the article or from the content of the article to. Modify title is pseudo original first step, is also a key step. The title should be selected directly related with the content of the website, you can modify the properties of a statement to modify title; two can modify the title with synonym substitution; three can be modified by changing the title of numerical method.

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now Shanghai dragon more and more of the webmaster attention, Shanghai Longfeng software and services is uneven. Some owners in the pseudo original early in order to save, just copy paste, simple replacement and other means, the original frame up, lost the original cause of the logic level messy. So in the pseudo original also want to pay attention to the clear level.

second, to include substantial content.

the content of the website is a website of the soul, along with the development of search engine technology and perfect, more strict on pseudo original recognition and therefore only by modifying a few keywords, replace some synonyms is not enough, we must according to the characteristics of the site itself to modify. One is through the first change; two is through the article change; paragraph three is through the adjustment; the four is the integrated use of the bow and stern, adjust the paragraph.

first, looking for is directly related to the title of the site.

pseudo original refers to the original article again, and let the search engine that is original articles included, so as to improve the site the weight of the chain and. We can see from the importance of pseudo original for survival and development of the site, so also become false original website development stage Adsense inevitable choice. How do the pseudo original, according to the personal experience of site operations personnel proposed four skills.

in the chain for the emperor, the chain is king, this is the webmaster known as the criterion. At the same time bring flow in the pseudo original, should be reasonable to construct the website link, which is to improve your search engine plays a very important role and website weight. Besides building within the chain has the advantages of low cost and easy control. Unlike the external links have many not controllable, the webmaster can directly deploy internal links on your website.

third, the article is distinct, clear.

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