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An old station on the line for more than 6 years of love for Shanghai is 1 weight why every day ther

not to discuss these, we first check the site related information with webmaster tools, the site launched in July 2011, the website PR3, love Shanghai weight 1, mobile weight 1, fell in love with the sea index weight: 779, is expected to come: 78 ~ 187IP, outbound links: 15 home chain: 5.

second, website optimization need to do Kung fu. The site in the second half of 2015 the flow was doubled, the relevant data show that 2015 has a favorable capital door car maintenance, at the same time, has appeared several similar sites, however, with the development of the industry to the bottleneck "is not imagined so beautiful!"

first to make the website keyword access through the web site tool shows that there are about 100 visits in the last seven days, the website keywords are: home maintenance, maintenance, car maintenance, Bimawen, car, car free, safe, 4S shop, BMW Audi maintenance, maintenance etc.. Saw a strange words? Bimawen is what? How and car hanging hook, the original, the site’s name with "this three word Bimawen", and the word every day to the site to contribute 2% of the traffic, in addition, Excelle, Teng speed, BMW, Mercedes Benz maintenance of these long tail keywords also brought some traffic, this is also the objective performance by using the classical IP function.

to open the site, we start from the perspective of the optimization of Shanghai dragon website, the website operation really not good, first of all, the main web page images, open speed is not particularly smooth. Secondly, in the news, only one article, but two years ago, the article, from this point, this website and network rumors of "zombie" website is not. Even more worse, in the service process the two domain names, it is actually a video, and click on the video from the third party video website, also need to see 15 seconds of advertising before the opening. Finally, relevant content retrieval websites through search engines, basically is rarely reported, even in the industry, it is difficult to estimate ranked in the top ten, but the site every day for more than 100 IP access, which is why

The on-line

this is a website to do car maintenance, the core business is "car door maintenance", in the second half of 2015, car home maintenance and other industries O2O mode, hot. At that time, the success of millet theory "give me an outlet, pigs can fly" the Internet business boom is sweeping on both sides of the Changjiang River, however, Internet plus soon entered the capital of winter.

website construction, how to optimize a website, is a topic that owners are most concerned about, in the face of various website promotion experience, which is the most effective and reliable? People tangled, may know all the online website promotion way is doing thankless thing, here share a line of six year old station "performance" may give you some inspiration.



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