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What are the methods of breast massage prolactin ‘s health network

every woman needs a mother, gave birth to the baby after women also need to breastfeeding, some women may be able to eat plenty of milk, let your baby, but some women have breast milk is not so enough, this time the mother in order to give the baby sufficient milk, need for breast massage prolactin, below introduce what breast massage prolactin method.

one, to promote the smooth flow of breast massage method

with one hand hold the breast, followed by another hand thumb, forefinger and middle finger together along the longitudinal direction of breast tube, the breast massage from the root to the nipple, so often do some of this massage can promote breast duct smooth, there are many benefits on the secretion of milk.

two, the areola, milk sinus soft

with one hand hold the breast, rotate 360 degrees to massage around the areola with the other hand, hand need direction changes continuously, the need for a long time massage can let mother milk sinus areola and become soft, it can be beneficial to the baby’s suckling.

three, enhance lactation reflex

with one hand hold the breast, then use the other hand to the index finger, thumb and middle finger together from parts of the female breast areola nipple began to the direction of extrusion, extrusion when the mother can imagine the baby’s mouth to suck the milk will make women have a strong maternal oh.

four, relieve milk deposition

use one hand to hold the breast and gently shake breast, the magnitude of the shock increases gradually, the other hand massage from the nipple areola to direction, long time such massage can relieve the effect of galactostasis.

five, eliminate the areola and surrounding tissue


put a hand on the outside of the areola, vertical pressing with the thumb and forefinger, on the other hand down to the breast, the milking method of breast massage, the massage method can make the areola gradually become soft, on the secretion of milk can play a very good role in promoting.

What are

breast massage prolactin method? It tells the story of the five kinds of massage can promote the secretion of milk, mothers can have time on their breasts massage, you can ensure that the baby’s milk supply is more adequate oh.


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