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My three years of experience to the establishment of Shanghai Longfeng novices

May 2010, my site has been restored in Shanghai. But this time, I buy website space more and more unstable, problems often occur. After I bought another space, but still often appear problem. Site move, space is very unstable, a lot of my website, in the weight of Shanghai has been put up no love. The two space buy very cheap, only one hundred or two hundred yuan a year. So, friends, cheap goods is not good, when the station to make shots, choose a little space or is independent of the server, not tanxiaoshida.

in July 2010, for a number of space, I changed a standalone server, and updated every day.

in December 2009, a few months after I unremittingly update, love finally visited Shanghai. The next step is to love Shanghai daily snapshot, the day of release included, everything seems to be moving in the right direction. At the same time, I also made a fatal mistake. I collected a lot of batch acquisition software on the network highly repetitive articles to enrich my website. My starting point is to let the love of Shanghai at that time included some pages. But counterproductive things, I love Shanghai down the right, back to the snapshot a month ago, all rankings are not. So, my friends, do stand must be in a calm mood, slowly, not anxious, blind pursuit of quantity, not quality, do not use acquisition software to collect highly repetitive articles.

I was in March 2009 to build the site, next time, I did not update the site every day, but busy with other things. Until August 2009 the new business. This is the middle of the 5 months, my site is only in there, do not update any content. Then in March at the very love Shanghai occasionally a couple of times, because of the long-term not update, then come to love Shanghai. My site first impression is not very good for love in Shanghai. This has serious consequences in August, even if I updated daily articles, Shanghai is no longer the love. May love Shanghai impression, my site is a dead station, what did not need to patronize. So, my friends, if you’re going to a station, then you should do every day update to love Shanghai left a good first impression.

similar QQ website is established later, flow than me, do it better than me. I became a gang of network failure. Now I put the last few years to do stand some experience to share with you, hope to help some friends just entered this line, let them avoid detours.

from 2009 to 2011 during which time the site of ups and downs, good and bad, the best time is thousands of IP traffic, the worst traffic when only a few hundred or a few.

is my personal site in 2009 to join the ranks of the network business. Make a called "related material website QQ love QQ".


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