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Outstanding beauty Lele website forum website optimization

core keyword is: tile ten brand beauty Lele with "ten big brands and brand floor tile map such words as the title, but seemingly bland, which contains a number of optimization techniques. We know what keywords to optimize must take the core keywords in the title, needless to say, we often see this is the optimization of the basic common sense, in addition to this, it is best to do a long tail or supplement to the core keywords, to help optimize repeat keywords effect, for example, how much money a "double happiness cigarette double happiness cigarette price list box – Beauty Lele furniture network" "floor price list, the new floor brick pictures – Beauty Lele furniture decoration materials – […" are the core keywords of "double happiness cigarette price list" and "floor price list" supplement is very important so we do optimization when the title is written on the optimization results.

1 core.



two content optimization

2 core keywords dilution

if an article made a bold and add color to the core keywords, is optimized too much so you need to dilute the core keywords, so the article content to the core keywords do that and supplement, in order to weaken the optimization of excessive >

or in the core ten brand keywords "tiles" as an example (see page 贵族宝贝meilele贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-15527-1-1.html), in the United States Lele forum posts are on this core keywords made bold and add color, a lot of optimization tutorial called H1 optimization label, this bold color advantage is very obvious,

often see many friends to contribute at A5 station network, Shanghai, many articles, but not a commonplace talk of an old scholar is devoid of content, theoretical analysis in the majority, the lack of examples, or in order to obtain a chain of the opportunity to write and write articles, so can refer to the article significance, the author to analyze a specific the optimization, I hope useful to readers.

Title OptimizationFor example, we should optimize the

through the picture we can see clearly the beauty Lele website traffic is very high, a day from Shanghai, IP about 300 thousand, there are 400 entries about the keywords are ranked first by clicking the link, we can see in the top keywords are website forum posts, as everyone knows, because of the forum website call the limit, many unfavorable factors limit the template set, so the optimization better blog sites and CMS site is easy, but the love of Shanghai optimization so successful, what a trick?

first look at the 2 pictures

Analysis of


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