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Actual combat thinking to middle level keyword ranking challenges


today has two things to feel very happy. The first thing is the experience of being a website drop right, included revision delete, site seconds, today finally exceeded 530 IP, the weight reached the webmaster tools 3; second is a webmaster friends sent a message, consult me is how to find the potential level of editorial staff, because I’m in the A5 Adsense yesterday the network published an article entitled "how to train a qualified editor of" Shanghai dragon industry? Article, let him be inspired, hoping to find a suitable and promising industry in Shanghai Longfeng site for his editing.

the answer, in fact to find the editorial staff of the potential level is not difficult at all, the key is to look at how the man’s basic writing skills, and are willing to edit this business inside the plough in the network, the last is to see whether the other to understand the practice situation of this industry.

different industries need to have different writing experience, because gehangrugeshan. But some things are common, for example, love to sing K, whether they will love good music? If they don’t love those classic, beautiful, popular songs, so they can find out how to win the first few songs in front of your own?

The thinking of expanding


, that is to say, for we Amoy K net target consumers, they will love to read some articles about good songs, such as song lyrics, or because the words which caused some feelings of articles and so on. So let us look at the author’s colleagues wrote the article is how to embed lyrics:

don’t know gradually from when, we will slowly forget this album things exist, once, when science and technology is not so developed, when the mobile phone is not such a high pixel, we put every one record of our story photos of a flushing out and stored in the album, when a few years later, we look at the thick photo album at the scene at the time, years ago was still in the head, at the time when the youth, a sentimental smile is still so familiar.

for example, the site is a predetermined vertical electronic commerce website as the main business to KTV, for consumers who love to sing KTV friends, so a little editorial staff level is essential, love music, love singing, but I just found the colleague wrote a very a good song mood article, can put the lyrics to a proper extent themselves with, led to the author’s sympathy, and her writing fluency, then writing skills though slightly childish, but these can be through continuous training will be able to solve the problem, so I can confidently believe the colleague can become a qualified and excellent industry Shanghai dragon editor.



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