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Amoy enterprise website development stalled comprehensive analysis

3, enterprise network department suck. This is the most common problems, including the problems from two aspects to look at. Configure the network staff first enterprise lack the basic configuration of at least 1 optimization procedures, director, art, network coding and promotion, but the enterprise – try holding the idea of not configured so many people lead to huge workload, everyone is working at full capacity but the limited energy optimization and promotion efforts do not in place. In charge of level second is the network department not lead the team limited site lead to slow progress, as the saying goes: tripping over a nest.

, a website only did the image of

Internet in the past ten years the pace of development beyond everyone’s expectations, to all walks of life in the network era. Either the government or educational or corporate sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like on the line, Chinese Internet site more than ten million, the same type of industry sites is competing for fierce competition. But our careful study will find many enterprise website actually "name" how to understand? What are the causes of enterprise website exist the following simple analysis.

The company to

three, website optimization time slow

2, the team only to make optimization. The enterprise will optimize the team for the enterprise website service network to hire, the individual team only and no do substantive work for money, I have encountered such a situation, causing losses to the enterprise does not say, let enterprises lose confidence in the website.

two, website optimization promotion against

1, network optimization. A lot of network optimization company site promotion all in one service for the enterprise, but because the site template is single and repeated, website optimization is not enough or no optimization, inadequate promotion or the use of black hat technique causing the site to drop right. There had been an Internet company executives said that if a site is down right within one or two years is very difficult to recover, so the answer can only meet the enterprise.

some companies actually have long valued network promotion strength, also had a very early time begin to do a website, but due to various reasons lead to unfavorable promotion halfway up. There are several problems in

although many companies have their own websites, but in terms of search engine rankings or SEM marketing have not been optimized, one of my friends is a market research company in eight years ago, the website officially launched the visible thought very avant-garde. But so far have not done any optimization and promotion work, because he is the reason for the customer if you can ask OK directly to the web site address. That is just a website image display, in fact many enterprises in the development process of the network like a raging fire is not very optimistic about the network promotion, do not pay enough attention to the network promotion. The site just to give customers a facade.

many companies will do the bidding stage promotion website promotion, although burn but immediate. But in Shanghai.


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