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Feather Shanghai dragon and love trading is not the same as you want to do


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! Now the

fourth, executive force. The direction, do it well. Master Chinese gentleman pragmatic. I >

, Qian Zhongshu reminds me of the "siege"


one mind. Quick, like today, tomorrow will be able to money. 2 mouthful, seems to understand what, in fact, do not know what. Shanghai dragon is playing out, not only the interest of utilitarian heart; the basic road gets narrower.

third, thinking. Because each contact surfaces are not the same, relatively easy to cause the thought is not open, closed doors miserable things meet the eye everywhere. Originally this situation is normal, the solution is to communicate with others, more contact with the outside world, but the real conscious to do a few people in the efforts in this direction

remember group often say a word: do before bidding gradually to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai dragon started playing Wangzhuan early, and began to play Wangzhuan bidding group.

the foundation. Some Shanghai dragon training often boast Shanghai dragon zero based. But the reality is that people learn zero based Shanghai dragon would be more difficult, especially you really want to grasp its essence, it is necessary to master more skills. Which can improve the overall level of Shanghai Dragon: HTML language, base station program, server space management, art concept DIV+CSS, marketing ideas, data analysis, and the overall concept of Internet resources and so on.

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng more and more value; but Shanghai Longfeng and love trading, not what you want to do it! Do not understand the website internal optimization would slowly untenable, be eliminated! These people only have eyes for keywords ranking, only natural growing cabbage price.


this morning, seven asked me to copy Shanghai Longfeng contract, said there was a list of about one hundred thousand, want to point a formal contract; I basically answered the list is 5 digits, about 100000 recently or in talking about several. Along, we on the site optimization price chat up, the basic consensus is:

just change the situation, really are suitable for Shanghai dragon? I don’t think

why? Because for the people found the money badly burned, or Shanghai Longfeng long-term development and cost saving; and Shanghai Longfeng people found optimization is too boring, not Wangzhuan money fast; then play but think this Wangzhuan have too little money, but a lot of junk items do not long, the real big money to use the auction.

said that although Shanghai Longfeng threshold is very low, but also a great market demand, more and more other internet post personnel to transform, more and more to novice in learning and the Shanghai dragon field proficiency in a particular line, more and more people are doing self change; but it can really stand foot a few? A lot of people in the door round and round.


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