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[exclusive] analysis effect analysis for promotion of the show is low without reason

, a little show

(4), geographical restrictions: the wide region is one of the factors to promote the effect of delivery time, set the limit of regional businesses put in a lot, but it is also in accordance with the enterprise business and service products, can cover businesses around the advertising service range can be.

(3), time limit: time delivery is a big technology, many businesses do not know in the wrong time to burn, the account has no money flow time was stopped directly (individual), time is not in accordance with the working time for delivery, where the medical have done better for almost 3 monitor the delivery, or not bidding for some hosting small company staff here is almost disastrous, advertising has been put to work in the company consultants greatly wasted costs and good conversion, as there is no appropriate meeting in meeting the right one. As a result the ads did not achieve the desired results.

two, CTR

bidding is a physical work + mental live work, the need to constantly adjust the account optimization tasks in account, needs to be done at the same time do mental live, bidding problems in data analysis for, as show less, fewer of these problems how to transform from the data to find out and put forward their own solutions the optimization strategy, today SEM network analysis method for actual old Lu people talk about this problem, in the analysis about CPA problem analysis and solutions.

(2): creative creative bidding did not attract click rate, less in the show case, CTR will be relatively low, improve the creative ability of writing is an effective way to improve the CTR, it will also cause the decrease may eventually CP>

(1), CTR concept: formula CTR= hits / show, when the show less, traffic is very low, hits affected.

(2), matching: here are many ways to direct auction matching phrase synonymous, almost the entire station is part of the bidding phrase synonymous full account settings, or in order to save costs directly lead to insufficient precision, show, no hits, so the quality of can not go, no chance to show click rate is very low first, that widely (part), can be set at a low price in accordance with the proportion of 28 sets. No way, set a good lead to a lot of traffic not very high conversion.

(1): personnel selection, selection of bidding appeared partial, or too, do not stand in the user perspective or the conversion of part of speech correlation, which is for people taboo, for friends with many sets of usage or tools to generate direct classification and mining development keywords, these words are not many use the word, SEM actual net old Lu: bidding personnel selection multi station diction in the customer perspective, pay attention to the part of speech.

(effect analysis of mind map overview)


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