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Beijing line Shanghai Longfeng exchange experience share

used to be a occupation Shanghai dragon Er, but with the changes of work, it has been a long time not to do Shanghai Longfeng himself, but continued to play the Shanghai dragon in this industry concern. So two days ago I heard of a Beijing Shanghai dragon line sharing meeting, decided to enroll in the. This is the man (Wu Xianzhi) see the notice in the cluster, and then through the cow (Leng Hongli) reported, ashamed, the two friends are just met, so not very familiar with, but I feel good. Fat is not fat, gave us an illusion! In fact should be named fat cow. The other is not introduced. The following talk about the sharing of experience.

desire: as a Shanghai dragon Er, must have their own desires, in fact, whether in Shanghai Longfeng or other occupation, should have the desire, what is desire? Simply longing for something and realization. Is money, position, beauty and so on.

: what is the location? Many people mention Shanghai Longfeng, said it was a bitter labor machine, indeed, I was also a bitter webmaster Shanghai dragon Er, but if you give yourself positioning is a bitter Shanghai dragon Er, the doomed you will never change. So I want to give myself a occupation planning, such as the first two years of my being bitter Shanghai dragon Er, two years after the Shanghai dragon head, two years before Shanghai Longfeng director, from Shanghai until the dragon, let your subordinates.

2. will share content involves many aspects, their love is Ma Zheng Shanghai Longfeng team construction and management, which mention the point is how to staff the punishment and incentive, reward team like carrots and sticks, carrots, the reward is the stick is to let employees moderate punishment, reward use the power and maximum efficiency, create more value for the enterprise. The other is the speech, but PPT is very simple, just 8 words: desire, orientation, learning, strive for.

The number of

1. will participate in this sharing is much more than I thought, about more than 90 people. To tell the truth, I don’t love this person’s exchange, I love the line of the party more than 20 people, so that they can communicate with each other is not only real, sharing and exchange of knowledge, more important is the real meaning of each other can become friends with each other. Do not pay attention to Shanghai, sharing a resource? So I hope the next cow can take group style, for example we can choose a few small head, then each party organization, can follow the entry team, advanced group, management group, strategy group, and this will be our reference point needs are not the same some beginner, hope to get some of the most basic knowledge, and to have some experience, hope to get some knowledge of strategy system. The Shanghai dragon managers may focus more on the Shanghai dragon team building, or the implementation of planning problems of Shanghai dragon.


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